The Fastest & Slowest Broadband Internet Across The Globe

I’m guilty of bitching about the internet speeds obtainable here in Nigeria on some mobile networks. My experience with MTN Nigeria’s GPRS/EDGE/3.5G service has never passed the 20KB/s download speed mark and my best so far has been a whooping 800KB/s with Globacom Nigeria 3.5G services which is why I sometimes miss Lagos.

No mobile network here in Sokoto offers 3G internet service though I hear Airtel Nigeria recently launched the service in Gombe so only the Big Guy above knows if Sokoto will be next.

If you’ve ever wondered which country has the fastest internet speed or the average maximum internet speed obtainable in your country, DataJack Mobile BroadBand is here to help.

The folks behind the US Based no contract mobile broadband provider recently released a top internet speeds related infographic based on information gathered from top mobile technology news sites such as Mashable, TechCrunch, Broadband Expert, Huffington Post and PC Mag.

South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan lead the list of top 50 countries with the fastest internet speed ever with Nigeria coming in at position No. 49 with 0.50Mbits/sec and Congo making the bottom of the slowest internet speeds list with a measly 13KBits/sec

Broadband Internet Speeds Worldwide

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  1. andy says:

    haahahah……… Well at least dem try small, 49th out of 50. Not that it is a good result, bt if dem no appear at all as always watin man pikin go do? Its a pity u cant get 3G over there, bt I want to say that if only glo started earlier or made more money early like EMTYN, only God knows where it would have bn by now. Thouhg Glo has their bad sides, but I think to be fair glo is trying. Glo has the widest 3G coverage than any other network in 9ja. I have personally xperienced a download speed of 1.02Mb/sec on their 3.5G in Lokoja and Makurdi. Keep it up GLO

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says:

      True bro. If GLO were as rich as MTN, they would have deployed 3G nationwide by now. By the way, I don decide to buy that Nokia Asha 200 as soon as I land Lagos next month, I go dey post review 1 week after :D

  2. andy says:

    ok Dr. Lets keep our finger crossed as we wait for your review of the TRUE dua sim fone from NOKIA as far as am concerned. Safe trip to lag Dr, go well and dont forget to ask wen Bold 9790 will come to 9ja.