How To Activate Glo Internet Plan on iPad 2 and iPhone 4

iPad and iPhone Glo Nigeria Internet Settings

Internet service in Nigeria is gradually building momentum and thanks to Globacom Nigeria, a good part of the population can access the world wide web at very affordable rates even on their BlackBerry Smartphones (N1,400 ONLY).

This tutorial was submitted by Bodunoye, who’s one of the commentators here at Patchwork Of Tips. Hopefully for those of you who own iPads and iPhones, this will help get you set up to browse the internet on the Glo Nigeria network.

NOTE: Looks like this how-to article is targeted at folks who own an iPad 2 or iPhone 4. I really don’t know if it would work for other iPad and iPhone models.


Glo Internet Settings For iPhone 4


Walk into any Gloworld outlet and request for a microSIM as this seems to be the only kind of SIM that works on these devices. After purchase, please wait 24 hours for the sim to be activated on the Glo Network.



After the 24hr activation period, you still need to activate the sim by placing it in a phone that has a microSIM slot (Bodunoye used an iPhone 4). Once you have done this, dial 125 to make the sim active.

NOTE: Dialing the 125 doesn’t connect you to any service, it’s just to let Glo’s server know the activated sim is now ready to use.

Now, load your credit and subscribe to your plan of choice. >> Glo Internet Plans and Codes.



After you get the subscription notification from Glo, go to internet setting on the iPad. It’s under Settings >> Mobile Data >> APN Settings. Fill in the blank spots as follows:

APN: gloflat
U/NAME: flat

Now, exit settings and restart your device. Upon restarting your iPad, you should now be able to connect to the internet via the Glo network.


For those who use iPads, you can load credit via the Magic Plus menu: Mobile data >> SIM Applications >> Magic Plus >> My account >> Balance >> Recharge

That’s all folks Winking smile

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  1. Similling says:

    I love my iPhone 4 just for it’s sweet brain of easy going.

  2. Edmund Jaka says:

    I tried the tips on internet for IPAD on my IPAD3 and I can not still browse. Any further help?

    • Chukwudi Emmanuel Udegbunam says:

      @Edmund: unfortunately I’ve never seen the iPad3 so I wouldn’t know how to help you further with your internet connectivity problem. Sorry man

  3. Victor says:

    How will I subscribe to a data plan again after a recharge?

  4. Victor says:

    How will I subscribe to a data plan using the ipad again after a recharge?

  5. tony aka says:

    good day, i just got an iphone 4 but browsing has been very difficult 4 me in airtel network and to receive item via bluetooth from others not possible.pls wat is the best network to use for browsing and again which site can i obtain free music,theme,etc thanks for ur solutions.
    bye always tony

    • Chukwudi Emmanuel Udegbunam says:

      @Tony: as far as I know the iPhone doesn’t allow file transfer over bluetooth between two different phones. It has to be from iPhone to iPhone. With regards to poor internet speed, no network is best for browsing. It all depends on your location. MTN might work best for you in Enugu but when you arrive Lagos it becomes a hot mess in your location.

      Finally with regards to themes and what have you, I suggest you just go through the Apple store.

  6. tony aka says:

    sorry, you did not answer my airtel browsing enable me browse. thanks men a million 4 ur phone is iphone 4

    • Chukwudi Emmanuel Udegbunam says:

      @Tony: for airtel internet settings you can get them by following the instructions at *121# or manual configuration: username-internet password-internet

  7. Nka says:

    I own an iPad4..and I broke my glo sim..subscribed, did the APN thing buh still can’t browse.. What do I do?? Please any helpful Tip will be appreciated.. Thanks

  8. Nka says:

    @ chukwudi.. Yeah it has.. Thanks