New MTN Internet Data Plan Subscription Fees and Codes 2012

MTN Data Plans 2012

UPDATE August 11, 2012: Looks like MTN Nigeria is scared of losing tons of business and they’ve reverted back to the old plans again. I just hope they’ve found a way of managing the congestion on the network from their ever increasing night plan users. A download speed throttle would go a long way in curbing the menace.

You can still access the old data plan subscription fees and codes at the following links: Source 1, Source 2, Source 3

Update November 22, 2012: MTN and GLO have launched an internet data war. They’ve increased their data allowances across the board. Find the revised data plans in the table below

Looks like MTN has decided to offload “leechers” on their network in a bid to improve their internet services as they’ve just revised their data plans leaving the cheapest plans out of the mix.

Subscribers now have to pay as much as N7,000 to access 3GB of monthly internet data.

I bet you that it won’t be long before Globacom Nigeria and the rest follow suit and when that happens, the Nigerian populace that love their cheap internet would have no option than to get a BlackBerry device.

Quick Notice: If you have excellent Etisalat reception in your area, you might want to check out these offers of 1GB data allowance for N2,000 and 2GB data allowance for N3,000. Click here for more details.

If you're not interested, just continue reading to get the info you need below.

Here are the new MTN Nigeria Internet Data Plans as from November 2012

Bundle Plan

Data Volume



Activation Keyword





Text 104 to 131





Text 105 to 131





Text 106 to 131





Text 103 to 131





Text 109 to 131





Text 110 to 131





Text 111 to 131




9pm-6am everyday

Text 102 to 131




9pm Fri – 6am Mon

Text 108 to 131




9am – 9pm

Text 107 to 131





Text 101 to 131

2 Hours




2H to 131

20 Hours




20H to 131

100 Hours




100H to 131

300 Hours




300H to 131

Out of bundle tariff of 5K per KB remains

Thanks to Trae for the heads up Winking smile

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  1. eye_bee_kay says:

    I bet you that it won’t be long before Globacom Nigeria and the rest follow suit

    I wouldn’t be so sure! I sure hope not.

    seems like an error in your list up there… 150megabytes for N500?

    • Chukwudi Emmanuel Udegbunam says:

      You can verify at

  2. Eniola says:

    This is a fantastic offers 4rm mtn,kip it up!

  3. Pharmtasy says:

    This is crazy man. They should pack their outfit and go back to SA

    • Chukwudi Emmanuel Udegbunam says:

      Sincerely speaking, if this would improve the delivery of their internet services then I’m down with it. If not, it’s total BS

  4. otobong says:

    Wait! How can I pay N3,500 naira for 1GB when I can still get the same 1GB with half of that amount on Airtel. MTN must be joking.

    • Chukwudi Emmanuel Udegbunam says:

      @otobong: lol. Remember that Airtel is actually offering that 1GB as a BB plan. We are just lucky that it can be tethered. (As in works on PC too )

  5. macaulay says:

    Why now I make a subscription on 1st of november, and I receive a message on the 1oth of november dat my subscription is expire why,

  6. Emeka says:

    I have a serious problem. I want to add to my internet bundle plan (3GB night plan) or deactivate it. My existing bundle has only 20MB left and I need to add more data for a particular file I want to download. I can’t start the download only ro run out of data and have to re-subscribe. The download server might restart. Is it possible to deactivate my current plan and subscribe to a fresh one or can I subscribe and roll-over my existing data into the new one? Please I need advice urgently. Thanks.

    • Chukwudi Emmanuel Udegbunam says:

      @Emeka: I’m not sure if MTN has started the data roll over thing. Your best option is to use a software like Internet Download Manager to initiate the download then check to see if it’s resumable or not

  7. Gabriel says:

    Pls how do i recharge mtn voucher on my motorola sprint android mb612 ? I have not been able to load recharge cards by using USSD codes,it does accept and support USSD codes,pls it is very urgent thanks

    • Chukwudi Emmanuel Udegbunam says:

      @gabriel: if you’re having issues recharging your account then I suggest you go to twitter and holla at them @MTN180 or call customer care. Their twitter customer care is the best

  8. oj says:

    Omo make una help ooo, i don enter 1 chance.

    I have samsung gt6102 and i just finished airtel bb sub, and decided to try mtn.
    They have taken my money and subscribed me, but i cant browse on my phone.

    BB complete.

    What can i do…abi e go waste be dat?

    • Chukwudi Emmanuel Udegbunam says:

      @OJ: MTN blaackberry plans don’t work on non-blackberry phones or pc oh. Unless you’re using something like PD Proxy

      • oj says:


        What can i do. I have subscribed already.

        I thought it would as i just finished airtel’s..

        Do you know if its possible to transfer the data plan to another sim at MTN’s office

        Or using the sim on universal modem


        • Chukwudi Emmanuel Udegbunam says:

          @OJ: You could tweet them at @MTN180 or visit their customer care center to see if they are kind enough to help you change it for you

  9. Poisson raymond says:

    i need the free mtn mega byte on my phone . my num is 08108666622

  10. stella says:


  11. kalle says:

    if I want to cancel one bundle plan how I can do?
    I want to cancel the daily one and subscribe one for 30 days…I don’t find anywhere a code to cancel a plan.

    • Chukwudi Emmanuel Udegbunam says:

      @kalle: For BlackBerry Plans

      [Airtel]     SMS deactivate to 440 [Glo]     SMS cancel to 777 [MTN]     SMS no to 21600 [Etisalat]     Dial *399*2#

      For Mobile Internet Plans

      [Airtel]     SMS stop to 140 [Glo]     SMS cancel to 127 [MTN]     SMS reset to 131 [Etisalat]     SMS stop to 229 or Dial *229*0#