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How To Fix Missing Notification Center Widgets Mac OS X

March 6, 2016

For like a week now, I've noticed that all my notification center widgets aren't showing. At one point I believed me not having rebooted my macbook in like forever was to blame but then this […]

Quick Tip: Fix Greader For Android Full Screen Mode

April 21, 2016

So I was just checking up on my RSS feed subscriptions when Greader for Android suddenly went into full screen mode hiding the status bar. Unfortunately this view mode isn't accessible via the apps settings. […]

How To Boost Multitasking On The Infinix Zero 3

March 4, 2016

One of the benefits of owning an octa-core android device with 2GB, 3GB or more of RAM is that it makes it possible for one to switch between apps effortlessly and not have them shut […]

Infinix Zero 3 Review: High Performance Mid-Ranger With Cool Battery Life

June 11, 2016

Many months back I had this disdain for all things Tecno and Infinix. The complaints on forum boards about the Infinix brand didn't even help matters at all and I remained steadfast in my resolve […]

Infinix Zero 3 XUI 1.Z.3.0 February 2016 Update Is Out - Installation Guide

March 6, 2016

Infinix Zero 3 X552 XUI Version(2016.02.24) update is yet to be available via OTA but the fearless can download it and flash it via SD card like I did. I hear the update should be […]

TripMode For Windows Review: Mobile WiFi Data Usage Monitor

April 20, 2016

WiFi Internet service isn't readily available is some parts of the world and sometimes we just have to rely on mobile data plans which come pretty expensive. The expense increases when one turns his/her mobile device […]

Infinix Zero 3 Battery Life Test and Fix

March 6, 2016

To all those I promised a review of the Infinix Zero 3, I'm really sorry about the delay but hopefully before the week runs out, I'll have it ready. In the mean time, I've decided […]

Concise Review of The Huawei E8278s-602 USB Mobile Wi-Fi Dongle

February 24, 2016

Four months ago, my Huawei E5730s-2 Mobile WiFi shut down on me and refused to come on. After several attempts to fix it, I succeeded but quickly started looking for a backup mobile wifi should in case […]

Romoss Sense 6 Plus 20000mAh Capacity Power Bank Review

February 23, 2016

Before the dollar rate went crazy on us, I decided to get a couple more power banks and increase my investment in the Xiaomi brand. I settled for the 16000mAh Xiaomi powerbank and the 20000mAh Romoss […]