Airtel Nigeria Data Plans and Internet Subscription Codes

Airtel-Zain Nigeria Internet Subscription Plans, Settings & Codes

I’ve never been a fan of the Zain-Airtel Nigeria network ’cause I’ve basically never found one genuine reason to add them to the list of telecommunication networks I belong to. Their ever changing name is enough to put me off as it sends out a clear message: “We are so not ready for business!

In the past I’ve written posts on subscribing to Glo Internet Plans, Etisalat Internet Plans and MTN Internet Plans. Recently a visitor asked why I had none on Zain-Airtel Internet Subscription Codes thus I decided to take time out to create this one Winking smile.

Please note that in my experience, Globacom Nigeria offers the fastest internet connectivity in Nigeria at the moment. I’ve heard quite a number of folks testify to the fact that Airtel’s internet speed kinda sucks but it’s all about personal experience. For some, Airtel’s internet connection is simply fantastic.

How To Get Airtel Internet Settings For Your Mobile Phone and USB Internet Modem

Setting up Airtel’s Internet service ain’t difficult at all. There are five ways of going about it.

  1. You can call the Airtel Customer Care on 111 from your Airtel line and they will guide you through the setup.
  2. You can visit any of the Airtel Nigeria offices in Nigeria and have the customer care reps setup the internet service for you.
  3. In the comfort of your home, you can send an SMS with the words  “internet<space> phonebrand<space>model” to 232. Example “internet nokia N96“. As soon as the settings have been sent to your phone, you accept, install or save them and if asked for a Pin, please use ’0′ or ’0000′.
  4. You can send the settings to your phone via Airtel’s DMC Page. You can read more about using that feature @ How To Get Airtel Nigeria’s WAP-MMS-Internet Settings Delivered Straight To Your Mobile Phone.
  5. If you are a techie person, you can configure the device yourself using the settings below:

Airtel Nigeria's Internet Settings For Mobile Phones & USB Modems

NOTE: If after using options 4 and 5, you still can’t connect to the internet, try texting Internet to 232 to activate full internet service.


How To Subscribe to Airtel Nigeria’s Internet Browsing Plans Using Subscription Codes

Airtel Nigeria has internet data plans for both Mobile Handheld/Smartphones/iPad customers and Data Card Customers. Both plans are freely interchangeable that is they can be used the other way round on either devices.

To subscribe to a particular plan, simply browse through the plans listed below, select the one that fits your budget, load the correct amount of credit to your phone or data card and then dial the corresponding USSD Activation Code for your plan.

Airtel Nigeria Data Plans 2012
























Example: If I were interested in buying the Airtel Plus plan, I would load N5,000 worth of Airtel airtime to my phone or usb internet modem and then dial the USSD Activation code which in the case of Plus plan is *141*12*1#.

To check your remaining internet data plan balance, simply use the USSD string *141*11*0# or send STATUS to 141.

Please note that failure to subscribe to a data plan would result in being charged at PAYU rate of 15Kobo per Kilobyte. This 15Kobo per Kilobyte rate also applies to all those who finish their data allowance and fail to re-subscribe to another plan.

Hopefully this info would help all you Airtel Fans Winking smile.

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  1. JOE II says:

    What about weekly plan subscription

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says:

      Sorry dude. they don’t offer a weekly subscription now. Weekly internet subscription is only available to BlackBerry owners.

  2. Nathan Joe II says:

    Thanks chuks, what about monthly subs

  3. seun says:

    your too much, keep it up

  4. Ochemba justice says:

    Thanks chuks

  5. Alsasa Newo says:

    how can airtel SOCIALMONTH subscription be deactivated or terminated?

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says:

      I really don’t know how to deactivate it dear. You could try calling customer care. BTW the post of BlackBerry plans is @

  6. thaddeus says:

    i need help pleas i try to setup my BB (very zone wireless storm 9530) with Airtel Nigeria BIS. But is telling me that network not in order. what should i do pleas?

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says:

      Network not in order might mean that Airtel network has a glitch or something. Try contacting them or visiting their office

  7. gbenga says:

    please i just unlocked my fastlink to airtel.please can you send me the settings so that i can use it now

  8. wisdom,k says:

    i dont understand zain any more pls let them put the weekly plain nd the money involed

  9. Dayo says:

    I need a cheat chuks

  10. KAYODE says:

    How can i cracked my Zain modem to use Glo sim and other sim with it

  11. KAYODE says:

    How could i use my Zain modem as multinetwork such that i can use other network with it to browse

  12. Emperor says:

    Nice work Chuks. And just like you, i don’t have airtel due to the same reasons. Although it was my first line, back in 2005.
    For those who want to hack their MODEM or need CHEATS, meet me on 2go and i will give you all the details. My 2go username, emperor1001.
    See ya.

  13. elechi says:

    I don’t why airtel have chosen in defrauding its costumers. U will load ur internet data card bundle, next thing u won’t see anything, rather they will tell u u have exhausted ur plan. This is very bad from airtel and has to be done about it.

  14. David says:

    Hi, why airtel internet bundle lite changed from 200MB to 100MB for 30 days , why?

  15. Ezioma says:

    pls i brought 1500 to put 100 for a month but it didt even last for one hour,it went of including the five naira i left,so your bundle doest work at all.

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says:

      The bundle code in the article is still valid as you can verify for yourself here: I suggest you contact Airtel customer care

  16. Yinka Ayantola says:

    I have a 9780 blackberry phone. How do I activate it? I have tried to send the stipulated code, but my sms was rejected.

  17. Az_lag says:

    Good day ckuks..u r d best.i am using Samsung galaxy s wit airtel bt i was unable to browse wit d main browser and some application r nt working like uc web bt opera worked. Am using d internet setting ….pls what do i do..

  18. Az_lag says:

    Good day ckuks..u r d best.i am using Samsung galaxy s wit airtel bt i was unable to browse wit d main browser and some application r nt working like uc web bt opera worked. Am using d internet setting ….pls what do i do..

    • Udegbunam Chukwudi says:

      Wish I could help man but I can’t . Try looking through the applications settings to see if you have to configure them separately like I do on my Samsung Dual SIM

  19. greatjay says:

    Thanks for the information, very useful

  20. Easy says:

    I really love ur explaination keep it up, u enlighten me abit

  21. Wale says:

    Please I need the data code i.e. N1,300 – 250mb data plan for airtel mobile modem.

  22. lusky says:

    airtel monthly subcription

  23. Success ofomana says:

    I really like the info. Thanks

  24. god son says:

    I suscribe for d 10mb and my BBm and messenger are not going, pls help….

  25. mamus says:

    can i use my airtel BB subscription 4 my modem?

  26. Emma says:

    Please i want to own a website like urs can u tell me a possible means of onwning one exactly as urs thanks

  27. nasiru marafa says:

    Pls how do I transfer money to my friend with my airtel line,I need full details pls, thanks

  28. papyj says:

    can dis setting work 4 china phone

    • Chukwudi Emmanuel Udegbunam says:

      @PapyJ: as long as your phone has a section for inputing internet settings, it should work just fine.

  29. omobulejo olanrewaju says:

    i have a universal moderm with zain in browing with my laptop, i subcribe with a monthly data plan but suddenly it stop consistently ask me for username or password. pls what happened becos i have also gone to zain office no solution

  30. uris says:

    I had 1k worth of airtime in my phone, however I subscribed to the one day plan, the next morning I noticed that my 1k was gone. How do I opt out of the payu thing so that my credit is not messed with when my bundle finishes? Thanks

    • Chukwudi Emmanuel Udegbunam says:

      @Uris: Sorry man but for now it looks like Airtel doesn’t have a method for opting out of pay as you go. That’s one of the main reasons why my airtel line is strictly for browsing. I load the required airtime for the bundle i want and leave just N10 in the account

  31. charles mozie says:

    please can you specify the night time plan hours, ie what time it starts and ends. thanks

    • Chukwudi Emmanuel Udegbunam says:

      @Charles: I’m not sure man but I think it starts from 10pm to 6am. You’d have to call their customer care to clarify that sha

  32. Salami sule says:

    Am on club 10 padis i recharge #200 last wk saturday nd i hv nt seen my mega byte i bought #200 again on wednesday no way, i call 111 no way they will nt answer u only to play musik 4 u 4 long tym wich s bad, dis my number 08027111163. der s no network @ orile bus stop.

    • Chukwudi Emmanuel Udegbunam says:

      @salami: sorry to hear this man but unfortunately it’s the same story with the other networks that offer free data for each recharge.

      They sometimes never deliver the data at all.

      Your only option is to visit their office or keep calling them or contact them via Twitter @airtelnigeria

  33. Dine says:

    i subscribed for the watsapp unlimited stuff, they took my N100 but i didnt get the plan

    • Chukwudi Emmanuel Udegbunam says:

      @Dine: you’re not alone oh. I suggest you call their customer care line and find out what is going on. Sorry man

  34. Zeetown says:

    Am here to help my fellow airtel users…. If yhu need transfer MB of airtel.. U can contact me on twitter @zeetown_, facebook (shaibubashir). I can help u with mb and even the procedures on how to

  35. asare abubakar says:

    Thanks i love Airtel, may Allah see us all through.

  36. akintoye oluwaseun says:

    I love Airtel Nigeria

  37. Abdulbasit Oyewole says:

    Can someone subscribe for another plane after finish the previous one when month have not end?

  38. Dr Sharmila Bhushan says:

    What are the new data plans and charge for it ..

  39. Prosper Otemuyiwa says:

    I have subscribed to airtel bbm on my android phone yet they keep doing that PAYU thing..removing money from my credit anytime i browse/chat or ping…Pls how do i stop them from removing money from my credit account

    • Chukwudi Emmanuel Udegbunam says:

      @Prosper as far as I know, airtel bbm plan only allows you to ping. Any other activity will be debited from your airtime balance