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Seven Reasons Why I Prefer BBM To WhatsApp

Advantages of BBM 

This is yet another rant. So BBM for Android launched last night and BlackBerry recently announced that 5 million users were activated in the first 8 hours. Some of my Android fan boy pals just won’t let me rest with their rants that Whatsapp is so much better than BBM. Like seriously?

If you haven’t downloaded BBM for Android yet, click here to get the APK file and other info

Here are just a few reasons why I prefer BBM to Whatsapp anyday anytime.

P.S: I’m still clinging onto my BlackBerry device ’cause of the cheap data plans and the uber fierce BlackBerry 10.2

Advantages of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) over WhatsApp

  1. Not everyone has access to your PIN unlike your phone number. You can control who sends you a message and who gets on your friends list unlike Whatsapp where someone you merely exchanged a casual sms or 10 sec call with has access to you.
  2. Group chats are better organized on BBM. You can log into only the sections of the groups that interest you and avoid unnecessary banter. In defense of Whatsapp though, you can’t have more than 30 group members on BBM unlike the 50 you can have on Whatsapp
  3. You can send any file format over BBM unlike Whatsapp that restricts you to pictures, audio files, videos and contacts
  4. If you don’t want anyone knowing when last you checked your messages. stick with BBM. Whatsapp’s Last seen today at ….. feature is annoying though it comes in handy when I’m tracking people. *covers face*. I just don’t like being the one that’s being tracked. Lol. You can never ignore a whatsapp message and continue using the application without the person that sent it knowing that you’re probably ignoring him/her.
  5. With Whatsapp you never know when your messages have actually been delivered to the device of your chat buddy neither do you know if he has read the message or not. BBM solves that with its delivered and read notifications
  6. BBM is a great advertising medium via the use of DPs and Status messages which everyone can see in real time without necessarily opening your profile. This way you even avoid the burden of sending broadcasts to people that dislike such like me. On the side, you can do enough *gbeborun* (gossiping) just by checking out the DPs put up by your contacts at a glance. lol
  7. Finally, BBM has a sweet interface and its emoticons are totally hot. Whatsapp is so bleh as one of my guys would say.

I left out the secure messaging part that is BBM as the average user doesn’t really care much for that.

Aside from group conversations, I prefer chatting via BBM. I personally find it more fun.

Sound off in the comment section if you like and let us know which platform you prefer and why

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