11 BlackBerry Internet Subscription Codes for Nigeria

BlackBerry Internet Service Codes for NigeriaA few years ago when BlackBerry internet services were introduced in Nigeria, the costs of both the device and the subscription packages were absolutely ridiculous and it immediately became some sort of a status icon for the people.

Well with the launch of Glo Nigeria's GLO-1 undersea cable, internet services in Nigeria have crashed to absolutely affordable rates and the most affordable of them all remains that which you get via your BlackBerry device.

With the likes of Glo Nigeria, you can subscribe to the BlackBerry Internet Service for just N2,800 a month with 1.5GB of data inclusive.

For those of you who feel the 1.5GB offered wouldn't go a long way, well you are wrong 'cause it lasts due to BlackBerry's data compression which is one of the major features of BlackBerry phones.

If you don't own a BlackBerry device yet and you want to get one, I highly recommend you buy from authorized BlackBerry dealers in Nigeria. The cheapest of the lot of BlackBerry phones in the market with 3.5G internet connection is the BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300. It currently goes for about N37,500 @ Slot Ltd, Ikeja, Lagos.

NOTE: Your BlackBerry Internet Service package cannot be used to browse on your desktop or laptop. If you want to browse on your laptop with your BlackBerry Phone, please read: How To Use Your BlackBerry As An Internet Modem.

If you have issues getting Yahoo Messenger to work on your BlackBerry Device, be sure to read: How To Fix BlackBerry’s Yahoo Messenger Service Not Enabled For This Handheld Error.

If after subscribing to your choice of BIS plan, you still have difficulty in browsing, go to MENU >> OPTIONS >> MOBILE NETWORK and make sure that Data Services is on. Once your BB PLAN has been activated, the 3g or edge logo at the top right of your screen would change to capital letter 3G or EDGE.

BlackBerry Enterprise Services are reserved for Corporate customers only.

Finally your BlackBerry device might come with a download limit of 5MB. If you are like me and you'd like to download larger files, I suggest you take a quick look at How To Download Large Files On Your BlackBerry Mobile Phone.

Without further preambles, here are the BlackBerry Internet Service Subscription Codes for MTN Nigeria, GLO Nigeria, Airtel Nigeria and Etisalat Nigeria.

Glo BlackBerry Internet Service Plans

MTN BlackBerry Internet Service Plans

Airtel BlackBerry Internet Service Plans

Etisalat BlackBerry Internet Service Plans


UPDATE: Glo BlackBerry Internet Service is now N1,400

Two quick things to note before reading the table below. Globacom's BIS packages aren't UNLIMITED as advertised. There's a cap of 1.5GB for the monthly subscription plan. Once your data allowance for the month is over, you'd have to re-subscribe again.

I'm not sure about the data allowance for the Weekly and Daily plans. You'd have to text Status to 777 to find out.

If you have issues making phone calls or sending text messages while on the GLO 3G network, I suggest to got to MENU >> OPTIONS >> MOBILE NETWORK and set your network mode to 2G (GPRS/EDGE mode).


GLO Nigeria BlackBerry Internet Service Subscription Codes

NOTE: For more help and information, please call GLO BlackBerry Customer Care on 333.

UPDATE: Glo Daily BIS Package offers you a data volume cap of 10MB while the Weekly BIS Package offers you 100MB. BIS Social Plans are also now available from Globacom Nigeria. The Monthly BIS Social Plan package costs N1200 with data volume cap of 3GB. The Weekly BIS Social Plan package costs N400 with data volume cap of 700MB. The Daily BIS Social Plan package costs N100 with data volume cap of 100MB. To subscribe to the Social Plans simply click here on your BlackBerry default browser.

Globacom Nigeria BlackBerry Social Bundle Subscription Codes

  1. Monthly Glo BIS Social Plan: Somonth to 777
  2. Weekly Glo BIS Social Plan: Soweek to 777
  3. Daily Glo BIS Social Plan: Soday to 777



UPDATE: Just like Glo BlackBerry Internet Service is now N1,400, Etisalat Nigeria has launched a similar plan called Etisalat BlackBerry Complete Plan. It costs N1,500 per month and offers unlimited downloads. You can get more details by clicking here now.

For individual subscribers, Etisalat has 3 major BlackBerry plans: Blackberry® Social Plan, Blackberry® Email & IM Plan and Blackberry® Internet Service. I have no knowledge with regards the average data allowance offered by Etisalat.

BlackBerry Social Plan: this plan only allows you access to Social networking (facebook, twitter, flickr, MySpace), Blackberry Messenger, Yahoo messenger, Google talk (GTalk) and MSN messenger. As a bonus you get 100 on-net SMS. You get no access to Emails.

Etisalat Nigeria BlackBerry Social Plan Subscription Codes



BlackBerry Email & IM Plan: this plan only allows you access to your Emails (yahoo, gmail, hotmail), Blackberry messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk (Gtalk) and MSN messenger. This plan doesn't support social networking. As a bonus you get 100 on-net SMS.

Etisalat Nigeria BlackBerry Email & IM Plan Subscription Codes


BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS): this plan comes with social networking, IM, email and web browsing for just N3,000  a month

For easy starter and easy cliq subscribers (Prepaid): Ensure you have sufficient credit for the monthly/weekly/daily subscription before proceeding

BIS Monthly (N3,000): Dial *399*1#

BIS Weekly (N1,000): Dial  *399*6#

BIS Daily (N400): Dial *399*5#

Wait for a confirmation SMS. After receiving the confirmation SMS, you may now set up your personal emails etc Winking smile

Postpaid customers have to visit any of the Etisalat Experience centers to be activated.


UPDATE: Airtel Nigeria Now Offers The Cheapest and Most Cost Effective Mobile Data Plan

From what I can gather @ the Airtel site, Airtel's BlackBerry Internet Services are only available to Post-paid subscribers only. Details of data allowance and included features aren't clear so just visit their site.

Below are the subscription codes for Airtel's Postpaid BlackBerry Internet Service plans.

Airtel Nigeria BlackBerry Internet Service Subscription Codes

UPDATE: As from June 23 2011, Airtel BlackBerry Internet Services are now available to Prepaid subscribers using the same subscription codes as the Postpaid packages.

Apart from offering their blackberry internet services to prepaid subscribers, Airtel Nigeria has now launched Airtel Social and Messaging plan like Etisalat has.

Here are the details

  1. Airtel Nigeria Social BIS Plan: This plan offers you access to Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger, Twitter, Facebook and BB Messenger with 20 free SMS which I'm guessing is to Airtel lines only. You are NOT ALLOWED access to email and web browsing and the package costs just N1,580. To subscribe to Airtel's Social BlackBerry: text “socialmonth” to 440.
  2. Airtel Nigeria Messaging BIS Plan: On this plan, you've allowed access to ten (10) email accounts, including the option of a personalized email account. Access to BB Messenger and 20 free SMS is thrown in as well but without access to social networks and web browsing. It also costs N1,580 monthly and to subscribe simply text “messagemonth” to 440

More details in the capture below and @ Airtel Bundle for Blackberry

Airtel Nigeria Social and Messaging BlackBerry Internet Service Plans



BlackBerry From MTN Nigeria

UPDATE: MTN Nigeria’s BlackBerry Complete Plans

MTN Nigeria offers only Weekly and Monthly BIS plans and just like Etisalat Nigeria and Airtel Nigeria, I don't know their actual monthly data allowance. All I know is that their plans offers you Email, social networking, instant messaging, 24/7 web browsing and etc.

As always I've noticed that their services are kinda patchy in certain areas but some folks are enjoying it in other parts of the country.

Below are their BIS Plans and subscription codes

NOTE: With MTN's BlackBerry® Social Bundle you have no access to emails or internet while with MTN's BlackBerry® Messaging Bundle you have no access to social networks and the internet.

If you want the full package, go for BlackBerry® Internet Service ( BIS)

MTN Nigeria BlackBerry Internet Service Subscription Codes

NOTE: For issues pertaining to your MTN BlackBerry Subscription, click here.


To cancel your subscription, text ‘NO’ to 21600.

Pheeeew! That's all folks. If you've got questions, comments, recommendations etc, do feel free to use the comment forms below. Cheers Winking smile

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