WTF! BlackBerry Messenger Coming To iOS & Android! (RANT)

BlackBerry Messenger For Android and iOS

Come summer of 2013, consumers on the iOS 6 and Android ICS mobile platform will now be able to keep in contact with their friends on the BlackBerry platform via BBM.

During BlackBerry Live, Thorsten is reported to have said "We are making the BBM platform more powerful than ever. We want to offer this powerful mobile service to everyone. We are committed to making BBM on other platforms as fully featured as we can. Of course BBM on blackberry will be the premier experience”

From what I hear, the app will be made available free of charge and some say BlackBerry plans to generate revenue through BBM Channels which is currently in beta testing (I’m downloading it right on my Z10)

While this is good news for non blackberry users, for hardcore blackberry users like me, it’s a hot mess. My friend Saiddigge’s rants says it all for me 100%.



Here’s my own two cents sha:

Dear BlackBerry Canada,

Summer 2013 is just 2 months away and I doubt anybody who wants a BlackBerry just for the sake of BBM will be buying any of your over-priced gadgets. The only sales you should expect from now on would be from die-hard blackberry fans. I hope BBM Channels is a success in terms of revenue generation ‘cause if it ain’t, just sell off the damn company once and for all.

What stops you from selling the app for even 99 cents? Peeps would most definitely but it at that price. Or do you plan on launching special data plans without which they won’t be able to use the service on their devices?

You have now left the market wide open for the likes of Tecno to dominate massively (Tecno make una no dull oh! Release a cheap ass android ICS device in Nigeria and watch your sales hit the roof come Summer 2013)

Sincerely speaking, you guys need to sell this move properly to we the BlackBerry stans ‘cause it ain’t funny at all.

I wish you the best anyway and not to worry, I ain’t dumping BlackBerry in the nearest future. #TeamBlackBerry4Life Winking smile


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Article written by On May 14, 2013.

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