BlackBerry Q5 Smartphone Coming In July + Specs (UPDATED)

Red, Black and White versions of the BlackBerry Q5

After weeks of speculations and image leaks, what appears to be the Curve series of the BlackBerry 10 platform has been officially unveiled as the BlackBerry Q5.

According to a recent press release, Thorsten says “The BlackBerry Q5 gives you the best of everything with its cutting-edge BlackBerry 10 functionality and a physical QWERTY keyboard. It is for youthful fans that are passionate, confident and bold, and it makes it easy for them to have fun, create, share and stay connected.”


Detailed specs weren’t revealed in the press release but at least we know it features a  a 3.1″ touchscreen and a physical QWERTY that looks similar to what we have on the Curve 3. Hopefully we wouldn’t have to wait until its beginning of July release date to check out the spec sheet. Fingers crossed, it wouldn’t come with a non-removable battery as rumored.

Also no word yet on if the device will be sold to customers in the US/Canada region as only selected markets in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia (including the Asia Pacific region), and Latin America are targeted for now.

Looks like BlackBerry is seeking to move the bulk of their loyal fans over to the new platform which most definitely offers the best blackberry experience ever. Check out my detailed BlackBerry Z10 review if you haven’t. With the launch of the BlackBerry Q5, I expect BlackBerry 5, 6 and 7 devices to experience a drop in retail price though with BlackBerry Canada nothing is ever certain.

The BlackBerry Q5 will be released in pure white, piano black and pure red and pure pink.

UPDATE: The touchscreen is an LCD touchscreen  instead of OLED as seen on the Q10, there's no microHDMI port, 5MP rear camera, 2MP front-facing camera, 2GB of RAM, 8GB of internal memory, 1.2GHz Dual-core Processor and runs BlackBerry 10.1. The battery is 2100mAh and non removable and the SIM and microSD slot are on the left hand side of the device.

The use of LCD and non-removable battery was to bring down the cost of making the device and of course the retail price

If you care to see it in action, check it out in the video below.

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Article written by On May 15, 2013.

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