Cheap MTN Data Plans: 250MB for N500 – 1GB for N1500

If you’re looking to pay less for a 30 day MTN data plan, Modest Data Plans might just be your way in.

They offer MTN Nigeria data bundles for as low as N500 which gets you 250MB. Other plans include N900 for 500MB, N1200 gets you 750MB and N1500 gets you 1GB. Compared to MTN Nigeria’s official data prices, these plans are quite affordable and to make things better, they are all valid for 30 days unlike some that go for just 7 days with MTN

Personally I just tried it out with the 250MB plan and got my plan in under 1 hour. Probably they respond faster during the day time.

Cheapest MTN Nigeria Data Plan Offer

To check your data balance, simply text SHAREBALANCE to 131. Also according to their FAQ, they also rollover unused data if you renew your plan BEFORE it expires.

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P.S: If Etisalat Nigeria is your preferred network, don’t forget to check out these cheap etisalat data plans that go for 1GB for N2,000 and 2GB for N3,000

UPDATE 12th July 2014: If you wish to purchase more than 1GB of MTN Data, do please check out GreatMinds NG offer of 2GB for N2,500 and 3GB for N3,000. He’s trustworthy and handles my VPN internet surfing transactions so you’re safe.

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Article written by On December 30, 2014.

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