For Nigerians: Make Payments Online Cheap and Fund PayPal

Get Exchange Rates Cheaper Than Nigerian Banks

What follows below is an ad placement for one of my friends. Recently I've been making online purchases with my GTBank Naira MasterCard at the rate of N225 to N230 per $1 . I've been enduring the ridiculous rate until last night when I had to make a hefty online payment of over $1,000.

As luck would have it, my guy offered to make payment on my behalf at the rate of N220 to $1. Twenty minutes later, transaction was complete and boy was I glad I didn't dump my money on GTBank.

So if you're looking to make payments online at a rate cheaper than what some of our useless banks are offering, feel safe to contact him.

His ad continues below


HEY GUYS! :) Whoever, is interested...

We all know that the dollar rate today is not what it used to be say, 1 year ago. As at the time of this post, some banks are charging up 240 naira per dollar.

Let's change that, I can help you make payments online at 220 naira per dollar. Saving you ALOT of money.

- All u have to do is tell me what you want to buy/pay for and leave the rest to me.
- If it's a PayPal payment, u just send the payment description along with the PayPal email.
- For Pounds (340), Euros (250).

If you want to fund your foreign PayPal account. This can be done, however note that PayPal charges 3.9% + $0.30 for receiving funds.

So if I send $1 for example. They will charge $0.04 + $0.30.
So 0.04 + 0.30 = $0.34 (Paypal charge)
So $1 = 1.00 - 0.34
Final money u get = $0.66

$100 will be $3.9 + $0.30. So charge of $4.2
And final amount u will get is $100 - 4.2
Final money u get = $95.8

$200 will be $7.8 + $0.3
200 - $8.1
Final money u get = $191.8

So, the best option is for me to make the payment for you and I'll just charge you 220 Naira a dollar. Thank you.

NOTE: Please note that all payments/funding are made only after payment is made to me and not the other way round. Thank you.

Contact me on these numbers 07085607737 and 08179156506 or u can just email me directly on and I'll reply as quickly as can.

Cheers! :)

UPDATE 4th March 2016: The current rate of this service is N295 to $1 and limited funds are available right now.


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Article written by On April 4, 2016.

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