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How To Fix WordPress For BlackBerry Server Communication Error

WordPress Server Communication ErrorFor two months running, the commentary sections of my blogs have been powered by Disqus ’cause I was so in love with its unique function that allowed me the ability to instantly reply to comments left on my sites via email.

Unfortunately, a considerable chunk of traffic across these sites, comes from countries with poor broadband access and with complaints of the comment form taking time to load or not loading at all for some, I decided to revert to the default wordpress comment form.

In order to be able to reply to comments a.s.a.p, I decided to re-install WordPress for BlackBerry.

All went well (installation and blogs setup) but for some reason later on when I tried accessing new comments that were pending approval, I kept getting this error.

"A server communication error occurred. Stream closed"

I ran a quick google search and was able to get rid of the error by simply going to Settings and unchecking all modes of connection except BIS as shown in the screen captures below.


Now everything is working fine but the question some of you might be asking is what actually went wrong.

Well in my opinion, I noticed my prepaid balance went down to zero when I started using this application, so my assumption is that WordPress for Blackberry 1.5 establishes an internet connection in the order listed on the settings page.

Since I don’t have Wi-Fi access and its’ even disabled on my device (BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300), it jumped unto the next in line which was Direct TCP Stack. Since my mobile network, Etisalat Nigeria, doesn’t really have a "required" APN, it connected easily using TCP and when the funds were depleted and data was not been transmitted despite been "connected to the internet", it started throwing up that error.

I’m just surprised at why the application didn’t move on straight to BIS.

Anyway, problem has been fixed and I’m going back to my patients.

Have a great day at work guys .

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