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How To Fix Xiaomi Phones Stuck On MIUI Logo Boot Screen

My Pocophone F1 launcher suddenly started crashing and I couldn’t access the main screen. I mistakenly rebooted the phone and it became stuck on MIUI boot screen.

This 2 minute video will guide you quickly on how to your get your Xiaomi phone and tablet working again if it is stuck in a bootloop or constantly showing the MIUI logo.

This method will factory reset your device meaning you will lose all your data.

WARNING: A few people have reported that resetting the phone didn’t fix the problem in which case you might have to take the phone to a Xiaomi service center.

Before you do this, try these following tips :

Tip One: Call your phone from another phone and it will ring

If number one works go to Notification bar – tap on Settings icon – apps – manage apps- poco launcher – clear data – clear all data

Note: Number one above might not work if you have a PIN on your SIM card. Insert a SIM without PIN into your phone and try calling it.

Tip Two: Try to boot into safe mode –

Tip Three: Remove your SIM card and memory card and reboot the phone.

The above tips are from here: Pocophone F1 stuck on MIUI logo during boot



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