MTN Nigeria’s FunLink Reloaded Plan Overview

MTN FunLink Reloaded Tariff Plan

Some folks might curse me for calling MTN's latest tariff plan retarded but that's just what it is and I ain't taking my words back.

Launched a few weeks back, MTN's Funlink Reloaded plan as always is youth oriented and offer freebies such as 40 MTN to MTN SMS daily , 3MB of daily internet browsing data allowance and 4hours of free calls daily with the ability to make calls for as low as 15 kobo per second on net.

Now, my qualms with this plan is that it is seriously counter-productive considering the fact that Nigerian youths are currently struggling in the education department. Instead of studying and resting properly at night, MTN is indirectly forcing students to stay awake all night, tweeting, facebooking, texting, browsing etc.

To make matters worse, their new pricing strategy is a major headache as it has been split into 4 major quarters as shown in the image below:

MTN FunLink Reloaded Tariff Plan

There's nothing as cool as Glo's Amazing Infinito plan which allows one to make calls to any network at the flat rate of 25 kobo per second. Who the f**k wants to worry about waiting for the right time to make a cheap phone call? There's nothing as convenient as being able to call anyone I want to at anytime and for the right fee Winking smile.

In my opinion, if MTN really has the best interests of Nigerian youths in mind, their free browsing and SMS offers should be moved to the daytime timeline. Some folks may argue that moving the freebies to the daytime slot will 'cause network congestion but I very much doubt that 'cause as far as I know SMS and mobile data don't really affect the network in anyway in fact in developed countries unlimited text plans are offered to decongest the network for pressing phone calls.

The only wonderful thing MTN has done of late is their defunct 40 MTN to MTN SMS bundle for N50 for 1 week only. I guess they were just testing the waters then but it was quite awesome while it lasted.


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Article written by On August 8, 2012.

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