Migrating To MTN Nigeria’s Smooth Talk Prepaid Package

MTN Smooth Talk Migration Code

About 2 weeks ago, we heavy internet users woke up to the sad news that MTN Nigeria had silently revamped/shrunk their data plan offerings with a few price cuts and increases to select data plans. That move didn’t last 24 hrs as they were soon to revert to their previous data plans with just a few additions like the 500MB monthly data plan for N2,000 only.

Now they’ve decided to drop another surprise on us albeit a nice one this time around.

MTN Nigeria has revised their prepaid call packages and thrown in MTN Smooth Talk which enables subscribers on that plan to call any network at the flat rate of just 20k/sec. (Yep! You heard that right. 20k/sec to all networks in Naija. This ain’t Globacom Nigeria but the infamous Empty-N Nigeria at work)


How To Migrate To MTN Smooth Talk Prepaid Plan

To migrate to this new plan simply text 401 to 131 and wait for confirmation of successfully migration. N5 will be automatically deducted from your airtime balance and your calls for the day will be billed at 20k/sec only.

What I love about this plan is that in the event you don’t want to dash them the N5 daily access fee again, you simply text OFF to 131 and your calls will revert to 20kobo/sec  - MTN2MTN and 30kobo/sec – MTN2Other. If you want back in text ON to 131.

Awon Night crawlers still get to access their Happy Hour from 12:30am - 04:30am daily and SMS on-network remains N5 while off-network stays at N10.

NOTE: Migration will cost N0 but if you leave the plan and want back in again within 30 days of your initial migration, a N100 fee applies.

Only time will tell, if they will be able to sustain this plan as there’s bound to be a mass resurrection of MTN sims in the coming weeks as news of this new plan spreads far and wide.

Up until now, Globacom Nigeria held sway with the cheapest prepaid plan but they seem to be experiencing tough times lately and that plan is somewhat no more (I’m talking of the real Glo Infinito plan). The outrageous multimillion naira promos are practically no more and I sincerely hope they make it through the rain.

For now MTN has me smiling. Here’s hoping my next post with regards to their services won’t be a rant Winking smile


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Article written by On August 26, 2012.

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