A Quick Review Of MTN’s TalkOn-PAYGO-Magic Number

MTN TalkOn and PAYGO Plans and Magic Number

MTN Nigeria, the biggest telecommunication network in the country as always remains pseudo flexible when it comes to reviewing their call and data tariff plans. With the likes of Globacom, Etisalat and Zain slashing on-network and off-network tariffs to N15 or less, MTN maintains their outrageous 58k per second off-network tariff and keep churning out frequent modifications to their on-network plans.

Recently they merged their call plans into TalkOn and PAYGO services and I'm only partially attracted to the Talkon plan as I don't plan on leaving my sweet and fabulous GLO Infinito N15 per minute to all networks Winking smile.

The only DIFFERENCE between the new MTN tariff plans is that the MTN PAYGO plan favors folks who are in the habit of chatting a lot with a selected group of friends.

MTN Magic Number Fever

With MTN's PAYGO plan, you're offered NGN12  per minute calls to six MTN Family & Friends numbers that include 4 MTN numbers, 1 international number, and 1 number from any other GSM network .

On the other hand, MTN TalkOn gives you up to 50% discount on your MTN-to-MTN calls DAILY. Your first minute of calls to MTN numbers will be charged at 50 kobo per second. After your first minute of calls, your MTN-to-MTN will then be charged at 25 kobo per second for the rest of the day.

With MTN TalkOn, you are paying an access fee of N15 per day in order to make MTN-MTN calls @ N12 per minute.

The most attractive feature of these plans is the introduction of MTN Magic Number which allows one to make calls to one MTN number FREE for 30 days @ a monthly rental fee of N250.

Features like Free midnight calls (Happy Hours), Call me back, data bundles etc. are available to both tariff plans

In my opinion, MTN TalkOn is a better option 'cause I'm not the type that talks persistently to a particular group of friends over a short period of time. It's not as if those 6 family and friends are the only folks I make contact with. I'd rather pay my N15 daily access fee than fork out N30 per minute on every MTN-MTN call I make. The N13 difference ain't beans oh! Winking smile

Which plan works best for you and why? Please share with us Winking smile.

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Article written by On August 18, 2011.

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