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Fix My PC Nigeria Quick Review

Written by On October 7, 2016

One fateful evening days back, as I prepared to watch a movie on my macbook while downloading my weekly series updates, my 2 year + macbook pro froze. This isn't the first time it has […]

No Root Fix: How To Change IMEI On MTK Android Marshmallow Phones

Written by On September 23, 2016

So recently I discovered that an update for my Oukitel K6000 Pro had been released via Needrom but for some reason this update was not showing up yet on my device via FOTA. After some […]

How To Make Nigerian Debit Cards Work On PayPal

Written by On July 8, 2017

Just like GTBank Nigeria blocked the use of their Naira and Dollar Mastercards on Google Play Store, they've suddenly done the same on PayPal too. I was trying to purchase an item that was sort […]

How To Flash - Unbrick Any Infinix Zero, Hot, Hot Note Phone

Written by On September 7, 2016

XOS Chameleon v2.0.0 based on Android Marshmallow 6.0 is finally out for the Infinix Zero 3 and I love it mainly cause it has markedly improved the performance of my device. I decided to flash […]

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 10 Inches Full Review

Written by On July 27, 2017

So I finally got rid of my Xiaomi MiPad seeing as Xiaomi was so not serious about upgrading the OS and fixing the ridiculous lag and multitasking issues it had. My plan was to get […]

What I Love About BlackBerry's Hub+ Services For Android

Written by On September 9, 2016

UPDATE 9th September 2016: A series of updates have been released and you can now use the suite of apps on Android Lollipop phones as well as phones with lower screen resolution.¬†Contacts, Tasks, Device Search, […]

How To Change IMEI On Infinix XOS Chameleon Without Root

Written by On October 29, 2016

As a gadget addict (kinda) nothing brings me more joy than when I see an OTA update especially one that promises a whole new operating system. Unfortunately such radical OS upgrades come with issues of […]

Review: My PayPorte Nigeria Online Shopping Experience

Written by On September 23, 2016

I'm not a fan of shopping online in Nigeria especially when it comes to clothes or shoes. The few times I've bought stuff from Naija online stores, I had to gather plenty liver to proceed […]

How To Increase Battery Life (SOT) On Android Marshmallow by 2 Hours

Written by On July 19, 2016

For some the latest android updates don't matter as long as their devices can carry out the basic tasks they throw at them. For others like me, we look forward to android updates 'cause of […]

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