How To Setup Email Accounts On Samsung GT C3212

Setup Email For Samsung GT C3212


The Samsung GT C3212 till date remains the most affordable active dual SIM standby phone in the market though it has its buts like freezing occasionally.

After my review of this mobile set @ Mobility Nigeria, I've been getting requests for tutorials on how to setup an email account to function on the phone thus I've decided to write one today. Unfortunately my digital camera is out of commission thus you'd have to be able to follow text instructions.

Let's begin Winking smile

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MTN Nigeria 4G LTE Data Plans Subscription Fees - Codes

Looks like MTN has decided to offload “leechers” on their network in a bid to improve their internet services as they’ve just revised their data plans leaving the cheapest plans out of the mix. Subscribers now have to pay as much as N7,000 to access 3GB of monthly internet data.

I bet you that it won’t be long before Globacom Nigeria and the rest follow suit and when that happens, the Nigerian populace that love their cheap internet would have no option than to get a BlackBerry device.

Update 2nd June 2016: Following the loss of tons of subscribers due to the clampdown by the NCC, MTN has been releasing and cancelling mouthwatering data plans left right and center. So far so good no plan seems to be fixed in stone except for the few listed in the table below.

To access any other existing data plans on the MTN Nigeria network, you would have to dial *131*1# from your MTN line

Update 4th October, 2016: Just like Globacom Nigeria, MTN Nigeria has officially launched its 4G LTE service in areas in Lagos, Abuja and Port-Harcourt. Unlike the exorbitant prices they announced months back for their LTE services, the existing 3G data plans would remain and work in 4G LTE mode if a 4G LTE enabled phone or modem is used. Your SIM must also be 4G LTE compatible.

4G LTE enabled phones and modem must have Band 7 (2600MHz). To check if your mobile phone and SIM card are 4G LTE enabled, simply text 4G to 131. You can check to see if MTN 4G LTE services has been launched in your area by going to


MTN Nigeria Internet 4G LTE Data Plans - October 2016

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How To Disable Firefox Browser Cache In 3 Seconds

Disable Firefox Browser CacheWithout a doubt, it is a known fact that caching of web page elements such as style sheets, javascripts and images, tend to make web pages load faster while saving loads of bandwidth for those of us you can afford a monthly unlimited internet bandwidth.

For wordpress theme coders like me, the caching function can be sometimes annoying as it prevents me from actually seeing the effect of the changes I've made to my theme.

The only solution to this, is that whenever I'm coding, I have to disable the caching functions of my browser which in my case is Mozilla Firefox.

Here's a quick way of deactivating Firefox's caching functionality Winking smile

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How To Hide Your Facebook Friends List (2011 Update)


Facebook is an exciting place to hang around and share with different people from all corners of the world. At the same time, one ought to wary of the kind of information they allow full access to 'cause these information could be used against them in the nearest future.

Creating a Limited Profile list seems like the in thing now. By adding some particular types of facebook friends to your Limited Profile list, you get to deny them access to all your facebook data, just the few you feel are necessary and don't compromise your privacy and security.

One huge setback is that Facebook by default will show your friends list to the world and believe me you some folks might feel insulted when they realize that you've added them to a Limited profile list.

Here's how to hide your Facebook friends lists from the world Winking smile

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How To Resend Confirmation Email To PHPList Users

How To Send Re-Confirmation Email To PHPList Users

Building an email list doesn't really have to cost you a dime and that's why we have free php applications such as PHPList which is readily available via Fantastico Deluxe or QuickInstall in most server CPanel.

Despite not having the functions of an autoresponder like the likes of Aweber, it does a great deal.

If you've got quite a number of subscribers who are yet to confirm their subscriptions and you'd like to remind them to do so here's a quick way of going about it Winking smile

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How To Find Your Facebook User ID or Profile UID

With the advent of Facebook's vanity urls, it's now a little bit difficult to find out your facebook profile's id number. This ID number is unique for each and every account on facebook.

Facebook Plugins such as Facebook Comment Control and Facebook Comments For WordPress require your Facebook UID or User ID number to be able to poll comments, send notifications etc.

Here's how to get yours without a fuss.

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How To Remove The Navigation Bar In Blogger

The navigation bar just above most blogger blogs help readers to follow blogs easily and to navigate to other blogs as well search blogs and all that but then when you think about it, it dawns on you that it’s a waste of traffic. You’re simply giving your reader an […]

How To Make Your Internet Connection Run Faster

I’m yet to get an internet connection of my own as I’m located in a part of Nigeria where getting one is quite expensive so for now, I surf the internet at cybercafés around town.

One thing that does hound me is the speed especially when there are some many people there browsing at the same time and because of this I have tweaked my laptop’s internet settings to function optimally giving me a great EDGE above those whose PC/Laptop internet settings are the Microsoft default ones.

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How To Make Mozilla Firefox Faster

Mozilla’s Firefox is one of the greatest browsers out there and if I’m not wrong, it’s presently leading the pack with Internet Explorer coming in second place BUT when the issue of speed is been discussed Apple’s Safari takes the lead hands down.

Personally I prefer Firefox cos of its use of add-ons and because of that I’ve been out to increase it’s speed considerably.

After tweaking my internet connection settings for optimal browsing speed and efficiency, I went ahead and further researched ways to make Mozilla’s Firefox faster and below are a list of links from my trusted blogger friend, Ampercent.

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