Buy The Nokia E7 In Nigeria ( Features & Reviews )

The much anticipated Symbian-powered Nokia E7 which has been on pre-order via QuickTeller for weeks now has finally been launched to the general public. The latest offering in the Nokia Eseries range has been getting quite a lot of buzz of late and Nokia stans such as Yomi Adegboye of …

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Make Your Computer Run Faster With CCleaner and Defraggler

If you own a desktop computer, laptop or netbook, at some point in time you would have sat in from of the damn thing waiting for it to respond while thinking to yourself "why is my computer is so slow? "

Anybody who has ever experienced a fast computer before can …

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11 BlackBerry Internet Subscription Codes for Nigeria

A few years ago when BlackBerry internet services were introduced in Nigeria, the costs of both the device and the subscription packages were absolutely ridiculous and it immediately became some sort of a status icon for the people.
Well with the launch of Glo Nigeria’s GLO-1 undersea cable, internet services in …

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How To Use Your BlackBerry As An Internet Modem

Just like most internet enabled mobile phones in the market today, every BlackBerry device in cases of emergency can serve as a modem to connect to the internet.
This tutorial will guide you through the quick steps needed to configure your BlackBerry Desktop Manager’s mobile internet settings and thus get you …

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Airtel Nigeria Data Plans and Internet Subscription Codes

I’ve never been a fan of the Zain-Airtel Nigeria network ’cause I’ve basically never found one genuine reason to add them to the list of telecommunication networks I belong to. Their ever changing name is enough to put me off as it sends out a clear message: “We are so …

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How To Get Airtel Nigeria’s WAP-MMS-Internet Settings Delivered Straight To Your Mobile Phone

In recent times, it has become kind of the norm to automatically have your network providers’ wap, gprs, mms and internet settings configuration delivered straight to your phone when you insert their SIM into your new phone.
This is known as OTA (Over-The-Air) configuration and as far as I know Airtel …

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Secure Your BlackBerry Data With BlackBerry Protect

RIM over the past months have been working on a free app that would help to protect all BlackBerry devices. This app has finally been released with name BlackBerry Protect.
I was kinda eager to download it as my SmrtGuard Mobile Security trial version had expired. A few minutes later after …

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RIM’s BlackBerry Device: The Beauty and The Beast

Love it or hate it, BlackBerry phones are here to stay. The telecom firms love them ’cause they reduce bandwidth consumption and keep the networks a lot more stable.
Just like every other mobile phone out there in the market, they have their cons and pros which ought to be closely …

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Download Large Files On BlackBerry – It Works!

Have you ever tried downloading a large file of say 5MB on your BlackBerry device only to get a download failed error half way through?
Well we all are in the same shoes.
According to my network provider’s customer care team, RIM servers have a download cap which does not …

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