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PlugBug: Multipurpose All-In-One Charger For MacBook, iPad and iPhone

If you're one of those die hard Apple stans who travels a lot a hates to carry around plenty of chargers for your mobile gadgets, Twelve South has released a sleek $35 charger called the PlugBug that when hooked to your standard MacBook Air or MacBook Pro AC adapter, charges your MacBook, iPhone or iPod all at once.

Furnished with a two prong outlet, the PlugBug (red thingy in the image above) attaches itself to the normal duck cover on your MagSafe power brick adapter and charges your iPad or iPhone via its own powered 10w USB port.

Now you don't have to worry much about sacrificing a usb port on your MacBook to charge your iPhone or iPad and what's more, charging your mobile devices directly from the wall socket is a lot faster