UPDATED: Fairly Used 64GB Wi-Fi BlackBerry Playbook Giveaway

Blackberry Playbook Tablet Giveaway

Last night I was looking round my room and my eyes fell on my BlackBerry Playbook which has been gathering dust for close to 10 months now. At that moment I decided it was time to let it go once and for all.
Considering the price I paid for it, I couldn’t …

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How To Fix Lenovo Yoga 8 and P780 Android KitKat Lag

I must say I was over the moon when Lenovo announced that they would be updating their Lenovo Yoga 8 tablet and Lenovo p780 to Android KitKat. I had high hopes for this move given that the word on the street is that KitKat was made to run on low …

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Show Alternate Content When WordPress More Tag Is Missing

Quick tip. It’s a wordpress tip day for bloggers or webmasters running a self-hosted wordpress installation.
One of my favourite wordpress quick-tags is the more tag. Its basic function is to spilt your articles or blog post entries in parts so that only a certain part of it is visible via …

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Fix: How To Keep Wi-Fi On When Apple Mac Screen Is Off

Mac OS X Battery Saver Mode

Ever since I bought my Macbook I’ve always noticed this problem. If I’m downloading stuff and the screen goes off, on turning it back on I immediately notice that my download speed has dropped and starts a gradual ascent once more. It’s never really bothered me until last night/early hours …

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Nokia Lumia 730 Dual SIM and Lumia 830 Now In Nigeria


Finally the Nokia Lumia 730 Selfie dual sim phone is now on sale in Nigeria as well as the Nokia 830. They both go for N43,500 and N68,500 respectively and are readily available now via Slot.
I’ll be waiting 2 -3 weeks to see if market forces move the price down …

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Lenovo Working On Apple iPhone 6 Clone? : S90 Sisley


I saw these images on a Russian Lenovo forum last week but thought it was a joke. At the moment the images are spreading with some bloggers saying the images are the real deal and Lenovo has actually finished work on what looks like the recently released and controversial (#BendGate) …

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I’ve Registered UdegbunamChuks.com. Get Your Personalized Domain Name If Necessary

If you’re active on Twitter or you read/glance at Nigerian gossip blogs, I’m sure the whole drama about Linda Ikeji blog being shut down by Google isn’t news to you.
As of this morning, her blog had been restored by Google and there are so many lessons to be learned from …

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Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2 Windows 8.1 – Android KitKat Announced


Just yesterday, I was researching Windows 8.1 tablets and I passed on the Microsoft Surface 3 as it was too big and expensive for me only for Lenovo, a few hours ago, to announce a refresh on last year’s Yoga Tablet line.
Before the end of this year, they would be …

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MacUpdate: How To Update All Third Party Apps On Mac OS X


Updating apps on the Mac OS X platform is very easy as for that you have the App Store. Unfortunately the app store only updates apps you bought or download directly from the store. Apps downloaded elsewhere on the internet also know as third party apps have to be downloaded …

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