BlackBerry Blend Now Working On BlackBerry Z10

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 8.26.12 AM

If you're currently running the latest BlackBerry 10.3.1 leak, it's will great pleasure that I announce to you that BlackBerry Blend is now working
I've tried it over WiFi and over Mobile Network on my MacBook and it works. I'm still having issues getting it to work over USB connection ...

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Xiaomi MiBand Fitness Tracker: Frequently Asked Questions


There are quite a number of reviews on the Xiaomi MiBand so this isn’t a review per say though I’ve filed it under reviews. Truth be told, I don’t have the energy and time for reviews these days. *blame it on my masters program and low calorie diet*
Anyway so while ...

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How MTN Smartphone Data Bundle 4.5GB Data For N2,500 Works

MTNSmartphone data

Sometime in November, MTN Nigeria launched a new data plan that offers a whooping 4.5GB of data for just N2,500 as shown in the advert above. Now the problem with the launch of this plan is that it's similar to MTN Night's plan which offers the same 4.5GB of internet ...

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Beware of ShippyMe - Circuit Atlantic! You've Been Warned

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 9.34.49 PM

This is a revision of my past review of ShippyMe
WARNING! This is a review/rant so if you're easily offended by curse words, kindly close this page now! Thank you
If there's one thing I detest in life, it is folks f**king around with my hard earned money. Some may see this ...

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Blitz: How To Install BlackBerry 10.3.1 Leak Without Data Loss

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 4.43.27 PM

Several BlackBerry 10.3.1 leaks have hit the web recently but I've been too lazy to install them. I just wasn't in the mood to wipe my device and install/configure all my apps from scratch as BlackBerry backups can be a mess.
So day before yesterday, I saw  yet another leak announcement ...

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Official Black Friday Deals From Apple and Lenovo


Black Friday is three days away and if you've been thinking of shopping Apple for great discounts/bargains, you might want to look elsewhere as what Apple is offering directly to customers doesn't look exciting at all. They are keeping the money within the company and doing non-US customers no favours. ...

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How To Post Quick Facebook, Twitter Updates On Lumia Phones


Quick Tip.
One of the features I miss on my Windows Phone is the ability to update my Facebook and twitter status directly from the home screen without having to seek out the the twitter or facebook app. You just peg a widget to the home screen and you're good to ...

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Resolved: Mark As Read On Scroll For NextGen Reader


Quick Tip
For those of us who are used to the awesomeness of Greader Pro for Android, finding the right feedly client for Windows Phone 8.1 can be quite frustrating but amongst the lot of feedly supported RSS apps out there, NextGen Reader reigns supreme.
In my opinion NextGen has all the ...

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Resolved: How To Transfer SMS From Android to Windows Phone 8.1


Last night I completed my move from Android to Windows Phone 8.1. One of the major hurdles I faced was transferring all my text messages from the Lenovo P780 unto the Nokia Lumia 730. With the launch of Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft released an app called Transfer My Data which ...

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