My Uber Nigeria Review - Experience

So my leave is almost over as work resumes next week Monday and I'm so not anticipating getting back to work. "Gosh! Why dem no born me with golden spoon?".


So I was making final preparations for the move back to Sokoto when I remembered I still had an UBER coupon worth N2,500 that was going to expire by the end of the month. I got the coupon after some thorough googling 3 weeks back when I needed a ride home from the airport as mummy dearest wasn't available to play chauffeur as she always does for her one and only. Unfortunately I ended up taking a regular taxi as I was kind of scared the uber fee would be more than a regular cab.

Anyway so I made up my mind to go see one last movie and afterwards take an Uber back home just to get a feel of the service and how expensive it actually is....... Ain't no way I was letting that coupon go to waste.

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