Lattafa Ejaazi, Zimaya Rawaan, Asdaaf Shaghaf Man Perfume Review

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Hey guys welcome back to my YouTube channel. Let’s take a quick look at Lattafa’s Ejaaazi and Zimaya’s Rawaan.

This video was partly sponsored by DuMaurier many months ago. Thanks for your contribution 🙏🏾

Lattafa’s Ejaazi is a fresh blue fragrance with notes of Marine, Bergamot, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Cedarwood, Musk and Amber.

It opens fresh, blue, woody, spicy, citrusy and musky.

There might be ambroxan in here but I’m yet to nail the scent profile of that note.

As time goes by the sandalwood kicks in making the perfume creamy but still heavily blue and fresh.

10hrs later, the drydown is blue, creamy bordering on lactonic and musky.

Active projection with this perfume is around 2hrs max though there was a particular day I was catching whiffs of the perfume at the 11th hour after I oversprayed my shirt and it transferred unto my skin.

And now Rawaan.

I’ve had Zimaya’s Rawaan for over 8 months after DuMaurier’s act of kindness.

It was giving blue masculine energy from the promo pics so I went ahead and ordered for it.

First impression was a mess.

It was super harsh, musky, grassy and ashy. I just couldn’t deal at all.

I knew it smelt super familiar but I just couldn’t pinpoint why until recently when I decide to revisit it.

Rawaan to my nose is the winter version of Ejaazi.

In comparison to Ejaazi, Rawaan is somewhat less blue, less fresh, too musky, too woody and most times super creamy to the point of being very lactonic on my skin.

The spiciness I get from Rawaan smells like it’s coming from notes other than Bergamot like in Ejaazi.

The amber note is quite prominent in Rawaan unlike in Ejaazi where I don’t necessarily perceive it.

Performance is great with Rawaan with up to 3hrs of projection and 10hrs plus longevity on skin.

In my personal opinion, Rawaan is one of those pefumes that really needs to sit for some months before one can enjoy it so do please have that in mind before you blind buy it.

That’s all I have to share with you guys for now. I’ll see you guys in my next video. Bye guys.

P.S: Asdaaf’s Shaghaf Man is replicating the same scent profile of both scents above.

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