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Hey guys, welcome to another unboxing and first impression video. In this one we’ll be looking at these four middle eastern perfumes. Lets begin

Glossy by Maison Alhambra Perfume Review

This is one perfume I’ve been on the fence about because whilst people kept saying it was duping Idole by Lancome, a few testers out there said it wasn’t doing that. I finally decided to get it and see for myself and I actually love it.

Glossy opens sweet, fizzy, airy, juicy and somewhat fruity with floral notes and a distant touch of amber.

The fizziness is on par with what you’d get from Mithqal by Ard Al Zaafaran and the airiness reminds me of the BR540 DNA but I’m not saying that it smells like BR540.

This opening smells like a fusion of pear, oranges and vanilla. The florals in here smell like a rose and jasmine combo with jasmine being the predominant floral.

After like 30mins, it starts to get a bit peachy or maybe it’s apricot….I can’t really say.

2-3hrs later I begin to get a bit of musk, woods, bubblegummy jasmine and amber. It stays this way till it fizzles out on my skin.

The last time I tested this on skin, it stayed put for over 12hrs despite sweaty house chores and a bath.

Projection is neither here nor there. It’s one of those perfumes that hits you in the face hours later when you’re active and heating up.

If you love sweet, fizzy, juicy, white florals, you will like this.

If you like the Idole Le Parfum DNA, you’d most probably like this but it’s in no way a dupe of Lancome’s Idole Le Parfum which I have a sample and dupe for.

Idole Le Parfum comes off like a sweet, juicy, fruity, soapy rose whilst Glossy is fizzy, airy, bubblegummy jasmine with a fleeting touch of rose.

If you’re looking for a stunning dupe of Idole Le Parfum, please get this one from Fragrance World…Ideal de Parfum.

I also got the dupe for Lancome’s Idole L’Intense and it doesn’t smell like Glossy either.

Do please note that Lancome’s Idole has like 9 flankers so maybe Glossy is a spot-on dupe of one of those flankers.

I’ve had this perfume for over a week now and the scent profile hasn’t changed at all so I’m hoping it stays this way but gets stronger in performance.

Lamsat Harir Gold by Arabiyat by MyPerfumes Review

This is such a struggle for me right now, in the sense that each time I spray it I get a different opening.

It’s exhausting.

On first spray, it was serving peaches, vanilla and powder with some incense which reminded me of its’ big sister Lamsat Harir.

The next day, I gave it a full proper wear and it veered in a totally new direction. It had this creamy, powdery, slightly green and stuffy orange blossom and vanilla opening.

In like 20 mins, I started to get earthy patchouli and musk taking it into the Modern Musk by Maison Alhambra territory. At this point it smelled like Vurv Timeless Woman mixed with Modern Musk.

About an hour later, peaches and vanilla start pushing through slowly but only in one elbow joint.

I tend to spray the cranny of both elbow joints when testing perfumes.

Lamsat Harir Gold loses a lot of creaminess at about 3hrs of wear then settles into a powdery orange blossom, patchouli and musk scent.

4hrs later this is giving me heavy matured orange blossom, musk and vanilla with smidgen of metal.

The far drydown at 9hrs is soft, sweet, musky and floral.

1 week later, in the air it opens sweet with equal parts citrus, musk and patchouli. On some other days, this is giving LVEB in the opening. Creamy mature powdery orange blossom and citrus.

This is one of those perfumes without a consistent opening. It keeps changing every time I try it.

This is why I hate doing first impressions for middle eastern perfumes.

Like, I feel we all need to give them like a month of testing before dropping reviews less we throw blind buyers off 🤦🏾‍♂️

Anyway, I’ll most probably give you guys an update when the perfume has finally made up its mind on what it plans to serve consistently.

Le Prestige Royal by Khadlaj Perfumes Review

I hopped on this one immediately I saw the promo saying it was inspired by Maison Crivelli’s Hibiscus Mahajad.

I’ve had the perfume oil for a while, so this was a good opportunity to see if the perfume oil nailed the OG’s DNA and I’m happy to say that it did.

TOP NOTES: Spearmint and Blackcurrant Buds
MIDDLE NOTES: Turkish Rose, Cinnamon and Water Lily
BASE NOTES: Amber, Vanilla, Leather, Ambrette, Benzoin and Cedarwood

Le Prestige Royal opens with a blast of powdery tart woody peach and some floral notes.

It gets quite sweet, a bit creamy and rosy 20 mins into wear with the peach note being more in your face.

The peach is peaching and I don’t know what is creating that vibe because there’s no peach in the notes.

The peach sometimes smells like it has some mango facets to it.

It’s giving Foster Clark Peach and Mango flavored powder drink.

Less I forget this also gets a tad bit minty and mentholated.

The first day I tested this perfume, around the 40-minute mark, it dried down to this cool, laid back, boozy wine and airy vanilla scent with all the peach gone. It screamed class to me. Like something best worn, dressed up to a classy event in a temperature-controlled environment.

The kind of scent a guy would wear, walk past me and I’m immediately fixated and staring like fool.

Sadly, on subsequent wears, I did not get that vibe anymore and I’m pained but hoping maybe in the future after the perfume has macerated, that vibe will return in all its glory.

The far drydown for now, is a powdery musky floral mixed with suede and vanilla.

Le Prestige Royal smells exactly like my Lattafa Ishq Al Shuyukh Gold after that one has lost a huge dose of its’ burning rubber stench.

If you don’t like Ishq Al Shuyukh Gold, you might want to hold off on buying this until I give an update in say 3 months.

Performance off skin is good for about 2-3hrs with a longevity over 14hrs.

Oud Al Sabah by Khadlaj Perfumes

I got this one because the promo said it was inspired by Stronger With You Amber by Giorgio Armani.

On first spray, it hit me with a blast of cinnamon, bergamot, smoky pineapple and liquified woods.

Two days later when I decided to give it a proper wear, it opened sweet, bright and fresh spicy with bergamot, vanilla and amber.

It really smelled more like a blue fragrance than a warm spicy perfume as I’ve come to experience so far with a few perfumes in the Stronger With You line up.

Ten minutes later, a really smoky and woody over ripened pineapple kicks in making this sickeningly sweet…..If you don’t like sweet fragrances, this will probably trigger your gag reflexes.

At this point, it reminds me a lot of Afnan’s Supremacy Not Only Intense without being a dupe for that. Also, the sticky sweetness reminds me of the sticky sweetness of Afnan’s 9pm.

4hrs later, most of the sweetness is gone and you’re left with a slightly smoky green woody herbal amber scent.

This stays on skin for over 12hrs with a projection of about 1 foot for about 1hr. Considering how strong the opening is, the projection is a letdown but hopefully this improves as time goes by.

And that has been my first impression for Oud Al Sabah, Le Prestige Royal, Lamsat Harir Gold and Glossy.

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