You Might Want To Avoid The New Touch Bar Macbook Pro

Apple Macbooks are no doubt too sleek to ignore and they are touted as one of the best and most durable and "resellable" laptops out there. At least that's what prompted me to get mine BUT alas all of that is just LIES! Mine didn't last 3 years before the SSD crashed and cost me quite a chunk of cash to replace. See Fix My PC Nigeria Quick Review.

Apple recently unveiled the new Macbook Pro for 2016 and it's very clear to see that with this new Macbook line-up, Apple is super interested in selling a shit load of peripherals as they've gotten rid of all USB ports and the SD card slot, putting in place Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) ports instead.

With this new Macbook, they introduced a new gimmick called the Touch Bar as shown marked below. According to Apple, "The Touch Bar replaces the function keys that have long occupied the top of your keyboard with something much more versatile and capable.2 It changes automatically based on what you’re doing to show you relevant tools you already know how to use — system controls like volume and brightness; interactive ways to adjust or browse through content; intelligent typing features like emoji and predictive text; and more. And for the first time, Touch ID is available on a Mac, enabling instant access to logins and fast, secure online purchases with Apple Pay using eligible cards on participating shopping sites."

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Konga Mall's Quality Of Service On The Decline ?!

logoKonga_1A little over a week ago, I was having a casual conversation with my boss when he started discussing online shops in Nigeria. Konga came up and he started complaining bitterly about how he hasn't heard a word from them 10 days after paying online with his MasterCard for his order.

I made an excuse for Konga blaming it on some third party sellers who seem to be giving the brand a bad name. Blogger Muyiwa Matuluko raised this issue in his post Why You Might Want To Avoid 3rd Party Sellers On Konga but the TechCabal editorial team has taking it down! God knows why. *side eye*

I asked my boss to check out the order details again to see if the goods he bought were being sold directly by Konga or a third party seller. He hasn't gotten back to me yet, though before we closed for work that day, I recommended that if I were in his shoes, I would cancel the order one time.

Coincidentally around that same time, my little bro who runs a shop on the platform started complaining bitterly about delays in tracking, payments and what have you. At one point he was even worried about his business partners who might think he had suddenly gone rogue with their goods/pay.

Looks like the issues have escalated immensely and he has temporarily shut down his shop. Below is an email he sent out to his mailing list this morning

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TunnelGuru, TroidVPN, DroidVPN, PD Proxy as Free Internet Browsing Hacks


Yesterday I was trolling the TunnelGuru Facebook page when I came across some comments by Nigerians ranting and crying foul with regards to their TunnelGuru VPN subscription going to waste as they can't browse free at the moment and I burst out laughing. It's quite unfortunate that most of the information online with regards to these VPN services refer to them as the ultimate means of unlimited free internet browsing on our networks in Nigeria.

Most of these blogs fail to mention what exactly the likes of TroidVPN and DroidVPN are setup to do.

TunnelGuru, DroidVPN, TroidVPN and every other VPN service out there are setup to help you achieve one thing only and that is to allow you surf the web anonymously and access blocked websites by hiding your IP address.

If you'd like to view content meant from US surfers only, these softwares can change your IP address to a US IP address and offer you access to such restricted content. If certain websites are blocked in your country, these VPN softwares are ready to assist you unblock them without a fuss be it on your computer or smartphone.

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