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My NetFlix & Deezer Experience: Pros & Cons

If we are really being honest, at some point in our lives we’ve all being guilty of piracy…even those fighting eagerly against it. I’ve always looked forward to when I’d start paying to watch shows or listen to music so when I woke up 3 months back, bored outta my …

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MallForAfrica Nigeria Communication & DHL Issues

Anyone who asks me how I ship things into Nigeria from the UK/US get an automatic referral to my MallForAfrica Review. They have been f**ing amazing to me (some may say otherwise sha) thus me ranting about their services may come as a shock to some of you whom I’ve …

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You Might Want To Avoid The New Touch Bar Macbook Pro

Apple Macbooks are no doubt too sleek to ignore and they are touted as one of the best and most durable and “resellable” laptops out there. At least that’s what prompted me to get mine BUT alas all of that is just LIES! Mine didn’t last 3 years before the …

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Konga Mall’s Quality Of Service On The Decline ?!

A little over a week ago, I was having a casual conversation with my boss when he started discussing online shops in Nigeria. Konga came up and he started complaining bitterly about how he hasn’t heard a word from them 10 days after paying online with his MasterCard for his …

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I’ve Registered Get Your Personalized Domain Name If Necessary

If you’re active on Twitter or you read/glance at Nigerian gossip blogs, I’m sure the whole drama about Linda Ikeji blog being shut down by Google isn’t news to you.
As of this morning, her blog had been restored by Google and there are so many lessons to be learned from …

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Warning: Do Not Buy The BlackBerry Z3 Just Yet!

The much awaited budget friendly BlackBerry Z3 which so far has been praised by tech bloggers loyal to the blackberry brand, is finally in Nigeria.
Unfortunately as some of us feared, looks like John Chen is probably high on whatever Thorsten Heins was on.
They’ve decided to peg the launch price at …

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The BlackBerry Z3 Will Not Sell Well Unless……..


BlackBerry has decided to work towards regaining their position as one of the top 3 smartphone manufacturers in emerging markets such as Nigeria where it was once immensely popular due to cheap data and the sugary BBM.
Its latest device (BlackBerry Z3) which is due to launch come April 2014 for …

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Seven Reasons Why I Prefer BBM To WhatsApp

This is yet another rant. So BBM for Android launched last night and BlackBerry recently announced that 5 million users were activated in the first 8 hours. Some of my Android fan boy pals just won’t let me rest with their rants that Whatsapp is so much better than BBM. …

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TunnelGuru, TroidVPN, DroidVPN, PD Proxy as Free Internet Browsing Hacks

Yesterday I was trolling the TunnelGuru Facebook page when I came across some comments by Nigerians ranting and crying foul with regards to their TunnelGuru VPN subscription going to waste as they can’t browse free at the moment and I burst out laughing. It’s quite unfortunate that most of the …

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