TunnelGuru, TroidVPN, DroidVPN, PD Proxy as Free Internet Browsing Hacks


Yesterday I was trolling the TunnelGuru Facebook page when I came across some comments by Nigerians ranting and crying foul with regards to their TunnelGuru VPN subscription going to waste as they can’t browse free at the moment and I burst out laughing. It’s quite unfortunate that most of the information online with regards to these VPN services refer to them as the ultimate means of unlimited free internet browsing on our networks in Nigeria.

Most of these blogs fail to mention what exactly the likes of TroidVPN and DroidVPN are setup to do.

TunnelGuru, DroidVPN, TroidVPN and every other VPN service out there are setup to help you achieve one thing only and that is to allow you surf the web anonymously and access blocked websites by hiding your IP address.

If you’d like to view content meant from US surfers only, these softwares can change your IP address to a US IP address and offer you access to such restricted content. If certain websites are blocked in your country, these VPN softwares are ready to assist you unblock them without a fuss be it on your computer or smartphone.

So why are they associated with free browsing hacks in some countries like Nigeria?

Because the mobile networks sometimes become porous and leave holes in their system through which one could tap free internet service. The likes of DroidVPN and TroidVPN are able to utilize such loopholes to offer something akin to *free internet service* for as long as the networks are in the dark about the glitch in the grid/system.

Personally I enjoyed the *free service* while it allowed us to use MTN BlackBerry subscriptions on PC and Android phones but that is no more and I’m back to using it to access certain restricted websites and downloads.

Before you go purchasing vouchers for VPN services, do please have it in mind that the free browsing thing is seasonal and is not the main function of these services/softwares

That’s all I have to say and don’t forget to share the info with your friends so they don’t *waste* their hard earned cash on a service that isn’t tailored to their needs.

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