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This was the rage when I was starting out building my collection. The notes according to Fragrantica (which can’t be trusted 100% by the way) are Fruits, Apple, Spices, Nutmeg, Clove, Amber, Musk and Woodsy Notes. This opens super musky, powdery and nutty with a prominent watered down ripe pineapple note. After like 5 mins, the nuttiness and fruitiness are the main highlights with musk, powder and amber in the background. 20 minutes later, I begin to get some woods and 2 hours later I detect a hint of green creaminess.

The drydown is musky, ashy, ambery, woodsy, husky with hints of pineapple.

I can’t remember why I decluttered it and each time I go into my mum’s wardrobe, I’m tempted to take it back. Most probably it had to do with the performance as according to my notes, it wasn’t really projecting when I first tested it.

Testing the perfume 3 weeks ago, I’m getting a projection of 3-4hrs with longevity of about 14hrs. I also get a solid projection of up to 2 feet off clothing for like 12hrs.

It has a similar vibe with Mithqual by Ard Al Zaafaran without the pineapple note so if you like that perfume, you will most probably love this.

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