Monster Fragrance Rose Musk and Cafe Intense Perfume Review


Hey guys, in this quick video, we’ll be reviewing Cafe Intense and Rose Musk from the Monster Fragrance line under the Paris Corner brand.

Monster Fragrance Cafe Intense is inspired by Montale’s Intense Cafe. It opens with a blast of rose that quicky fades away and gives way to sweet, rich, chocolate milk bar and vanilla. The rose makes a comeback after like 20 mins but it’s a soapy fresh rose.

I think the soapiness of the rose is the reason why I struggled to detect the rose for many months until now. Back then I was more used to fresh tart green rose.

The drydown is basically soapy rose and choco-vanilla. Longevity is like 9 – 15hrs depending on the weather and other factors……It’s just not consistent.

Sadly, I still don’t get any coffee from this perfume. It’s just giving me Mancera’s Roses Vanille and I already have Teef Al Hub by Ard Al Zaafaran so I decluttered it.

On the other hand, Monster Fragrance Rose Musk is inspired by Montale’s Roses Musk. This smells quite similar to Cafe Intense with the main difference being the prominence of the Rose and Musk notes. You simply can’t miss them. So it’s literally serving juicy green rose, musk and vanilla. Projection isn’t the best past the 90 mins mark but it sticks around after a bath giving me 12hrs on skin on first testing. It also lingers well on clothing. The last time I tried it before editing this video I got 7hrs on skin. So just like Cafe Intense, longevity varies daily.

I also decluttered this one ’cause at the time of declutter, it just smelled redundant in my collection. I had like 2 or 3 perfumes with strongly similar DNAs.

That’s all guys, see you in my next video. Bye.

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