Fragrance World Brown Orchid Gold Edition Review


This perfume opens airy, sweet, fluffy and somewhat detergent like reminding me of Reyna pour Femme by Maison Alhambra. It gets super fruity, dense, creamy and ambery after like 10 minutes and the fluffiness recedes a bit. The soapy detergent vibes keeps flashing on and off….everly present even in the dry down.

It’s a really beautiful scent that leans feminine and I regret decluttering it. I wouldn’t mind repurchasing it but having to wait for long for the maceration process isn’t something I look forward to.

I decluttered this because it was giving bug spray vibes with very poor projection and longevity but testing it now from my decant, it’s giving up to 3 hrs of projection with longevity of about 12hrs.

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