FA Paris Lazurde Rouge Review – Bacarrat Rouge 540 Clone


In today’s declutter review, we’ll be looking at FA Paris Lazurde Rouge: This is inspired by MFK Bacarrat Rouge 540 Extrait De Parfum.

It opens sweet, powdery, woody and medicinal. The medicinal vibes calms down a bit after 30 minutes and the sweetness takes over reminding me of sugarcane. Around this time the wood now smells somewhat green, fresh and mentholated. I actually get fruity jasmine in this perfume and it reminds me a lot of this perfume from Asdaaf……Asdaaf Buthaina. The drydown is sweet slightly smoky, woody and ambery.

I decluttered this because it wasn’t as sweet as the dupe for the EDP from Fragrance World….that one has a super pronounced somewhat bubblegummy cool burnt sugar vibe.

This projects mildly @ 11hrs when my body heats up. Mild sillage @ 5hrs. Longevity 15hrs +

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