Quick Review of Airtel's Unlimited Night Data Plan

Once upon a time Airtel Nigeria's internet service was undisputedly the worst in the land but they seem to have revamped the service as it has improved remarkably in the past months. Everywhere I go here in Sokoto, I'm able to get a stable 3G connection though the speed varies sometimes sha.

When their unlimited night plans were initially launched, they came ridiculously cheap at N100 for 1Hour, N300 for 3 hours and N500 for 6 hours. As it is with all better thingz, we bastardized it and they had to withdraw the plans for review.

After review, the N300 and N500 plans were made to offer 30 minutes and 60 minutes of unlimited browsing/downloads at any time of the day.

A new night only plan was created to last for 120 minutes at the cost of N1,000.

Plan NameData AllowancePriceUSSD CODE
TIMETIME BASED 30 30 Minutes - UnlimitedN300439*3#
TIME BASED 60 60 Minutes - UnlimitedN500439*4#
NIGHT 120 (12am to 5:59am) 120 Minutes - UnlimitedN1,000481*2#


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9Mobile Nigeria Internet Data Plans (Formerly Etisalat Data Plans)

Of all the telecom services providers in Nigeria, 9Mobile Nigeria; in my opinion; remains numero one when it comes to reliability and download speed. Due to this fact, they offer the most expensive data plans in the country at the moment. I see this as probably a ploy to keep just the right number of data subscribers on the network so that data services don’t suddenly begin to suffer.

UPDATE August 24th, 2016: The cost of 9Mobile Nigeria's data plans have dropped remarkably and as such the service has begun to suffer terribly for some subscribers. In my experience the service is a hot mess during the day and blazes only past 12 midnight. Just like Airtel has a night data plan, 9Mobile Nigeria has also introduced 3 new low cost night data plans.

Etisalat Nigeria Night Data Plans


For N1,000, you can get 2GB of data to surf the web and do your downloads from 7PM to 6.59AM weekdays for 30 days. Simply dial *229*3*12# to subscribe. This plan also works 24 hrs on weekends

For N2,000, you can get 5GB of data to surf the web and do your downloads from 7PM to 6.59AM weekdays for 30 days. Simply dial*229*3*13# to subscribe. This plan also works 24 hrs on weekends and includes 100MB extra which allows you access Whatsapp 24hrs a day (weekdays and weekends)

For N200, you can get 1GB of data to surf the web and do your downloads from 12AM to 5AM. This plan is valid for just one day. Simply dial*229*3*11# to subscribe.

9Mobile Nigeria data speeds now s**k in my neck of the woods during the day time but blazes after 2AM. I use this new N200 plan for downloads as it allows for easy renewal once exhausted. N2,000 gets me 10GB for movie downloads  etc. Unfortunately there's no functional way of checking your data balance for this plan. The regular *228# keeps saying you have 0MB even if you have an active night data plan subscription.

The other day instead of 11GB of data, I got 10GB (according to my trustworthy data usage tracker). Hopefully 9Mobile Nigeria would fix this unless they plan on using it to rob subscribers blind.

Finally on the N200 night data plan, DO NOT make the mistake of subscribing before 12AM as you will not be credited. Subscribe within the hours of 12AM to 5AM only. I lost N400 this way.

UPDATE October 6th, 2016: 9Mobile Nigeria  like MTN Nigeria and Globacom Nigeria has also announced the launch of its 4G LTE services. The service is only available in certain parts of Lagos now and it would seem as though all their previous 2G/3G data plans (as shown below) work on 4G. To even make things stress free, you don't need to upgrade your SIM like MTN and GLO dem to get the service.


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