Cheap Quality Perfume Clones From Lattafa Nigeria

Video Transcript: Hey guys, welcome back. In this video, I’ll be reviewing 4 perfumes from the house of Vurv which is a sub brand of Lattafa Perfumes. Let’s begin.

Vurv Timeless woman: According to CeeChronicles, Vurv Timeless Woman has close similarities with the 2012 formulation of YSL’s Manifesto as well as Lancome’s Hypnose for women.

It opens like a dated, sweet, super powdery, musky and stuffy white floral which within minutes reveals itself to be orange blossom then I get a creamy peach and boozy note as well.

The creamy boozy note reminds me of the creamy booziness of my Montale’s Arabian Tonka dupe.

The creamy peach and orange blossom combo also reminds me a lot of the opening of Lattafa’s Ekhtiari.

There might be some patchouli in here as well, but I’m not 100% certain.

Four hours later, the perfume smells like a creamy, soapy, floral musk before losing its creaminess at about 10hrs.

This perfume transferred through my sweater onto my skin and lasted up to 10hrs with a projection of about 1 to 2hrs at 1 feet.

Vurv Mythos Supreme: If you’re looking for a budget dupe for Terre d’Hermès this is one to check out.

It opens as a fresh, sweet, bright vetiver bomb with musk, citrus and woods.

It gets powdery after like 30mins while the citrus starts giving me strong orange rind vibes with the woods being slightly smoky and ashy.

The way the notes are combined makes this come off sweet and bitter at the same time.

Further into the dry down, the vetiver gets metallic on and off

Overall, this perfume stays pretty linear with highlights of citrus, musk, woods, vetiver and powder.

Moving On

Longevity 10hrs Projection 1-2hrs

Vurv Mythos Intense: This perfume has a super aromatic, green, somewhat bitter, woody, musky, leathery, ambery and creamy opening.

I’m definitely getting a lot of lavender here or something that smells like it which makes this quite herbal.

The perfume stays linear up until around the 2nd to 3rd hour when I begin to get this sweet, blue powdery amber in the background.

At this point, Vurv Mythos Intense is posing as an aromatic perfume mixed with a blue fragrance.

Another 3 hours later, it loses the blue vibes and stays green, super aromatic and woodsy with hints of citrus and cream.

If you love aromatic aquatics like Davidoff’s Cool Water, you will most probably like this.

This very much reminds me of Fragrance World’s Suspenso Intenso which according to that brand is duping Dolce and Gabbana’s Intenso Pour Homme.

I catch whiffs of this perfume at the 5th hour while actively sweating and doing house chores though its main projection is around 1-2hrs.

On my skin, this perfume sticks around for like 10 hours.

Finally let’s talk Vurv Timeless Man

Vurv Timeless Man is a sweet, fresh, fruity, aromatic and musky perfume with something that smells like mouth odor in the opening.

It becomes a bit woody after like 10 mins as the mouth odor starts to recede.

Twenty minutes later, it smells like the sweet fruitiness and mouth odor have been pushed to the back thus highlighting musk, aromatics and woods.

2-3hrs later, the spicy fruitiness mixed with sugar and amber is back on top.

The far drydown at around 12hrs is giving more of musky citrus and woods with less of sweet sour pineapple.

It projects easily for 1 – 2hrs with that 2hrs being under active ventilation

Sticky sweet pineapple, spicy citrus and musk are the champions in this perfume.

This to my nose is a twist on the Dior Sauvage EDT DNA with pineapple, musk and woods being the twist.

And that has been my review of Vurv Mythos Intense and Vurv Mythos Supreme as well as Vurv Timeless Man and Vurv Timeless Woman. I’ll see you guys in my next video. Ciao.

CeeChronicle’s Review of Vurv Timeless Pour Femme:

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