How To Use Verve Card For Payments In Naira On Google Play Store

How To Make Payments for Google Play Store Apps and Subscriptions with Naira In 2024

First Bank Nigeria and Stanbic IBTC have suddenly blocked their Naira Mastercard from working for naira payments on Google Play Store.

My Zenith Bank Mastercard still works though I’ve decided to just get a Verve Card since they’ve officially collaborated with Google Pay to make payments in Naira easy.

Unfortunately, you cannot card your Verve Card through Google Play Store. You will get an invalid card error.

The video above shows you how to add your Verve Card to your Google Pay account after which you’ll now be able to use the card to make payments across all Google Services.

NOTE: As at today, you cannot payments for YouTube Premium using a Naira MasterCard or Verve Card. You have to use a Dollar Card. I signed up for YouTube Premium Individual Plan which cost N1,100 and I was debited 97 cents.

Verve says they are still working with Google to make YouTube Premium in naira possible. So stay tuned.

How To Setup Verve Naira Card for Google Play Store Nigeria

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