Maison Alhambra Modern Musk Review


Hey guys in today’s video, we’ll be looking at Maison Alhambra’s Modern Musk perfume which is rumored to be duping Morning Muscs by Alexandre.J.

Right out of the box, the paint job on my bottle was already peeling and the perfume was leaking a bit.

It opens fresh and bright with a huge blast of dusty, earthy patchouli then almost immediately sweet citrus and super feminine powdery musk kicks in with some minty mentholated notes.

Throughout the lifetime of the perfume, citrus, musk and patchouli reign supreme.

This is patchouli on steroids…like even on days I try to douse the patchouli by layering with my Coco Mademoiselle dupes because it does veer into that territory sometimes, the patchouli doesn’t stay down for long before it rises to the surface again.

Every now and then when the patchouli gets soapy, its fusion with the musk reminds me of Arabiyat’s Intense Musk.

On my skin, the perfume stays quite linear till the end.

I get two drydowns from this perfume. A drydown where it’s sweet, soft and musky and a second one where it’s giving soft, spicy, metallic citrus, musk, patchouli.

With this I get a projection of 1-2hrs with over 10hrs longevity on skin.

See you soon in my next video. Bye guys.

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