I’ve Registered UdegbunamChuks.com. Get Your Personalized Domain Name If Necessary


If you’re active on Twitter or you read/glance at Nigerian gossip blogs, I’m sure the whole drama about Linda Ikeji blog being shut down by Google isn’t news to you.

As of this morning, her blog had been restored by Google and there are so many lessons to be learned from the whole mess if you someday plan on running a website of your own.

One of such issues is registering your domain name with your brand name before cyber squatters come on board and take it away from you and then turn around to request for a chunk of cash to sell it to you.

Someone for some reason registered lindaikeji.com way before she became a success and is now sitting on a gold mine; that is if she decides to give in to his demands and settle (something Linda has repeatedly vowed never to do).

I don’t know how far my blogging will take me or what the future holds in stock for me but I’ve decided to take no chances and gone ahead to register what I feel is the most appropriate domain name for any future endeavour I decide to embark on.

It’s somewhat unfortunate that I can no longer change my Facebook vanity url (handle) to UdegbunamChuks so that all my social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn) and website bear the same name.

For stress-free domain registration, I used Name Cheap as they accept PayPal payments unlike most domain registrars out there and they are one of the cheapest. One year domain registration costs $10.69 with free one year WhoisGuard (domain privacy) activation. Subsequent WhoisGuard subscriptions attract a fee of $2.88.


NOTE: To those wondering why I didn’t register the domain with my web host, Hostgator, well the thing is they charge $15 for domain names. I’m even considering transferring the domain name of this site to NameCheap but I’m still weighing the pros and cons to see if it’s actually worth the move considering the fact that I’ve made several modifications on the domain which could all be lost if I transfer to another domain registrar.

I went ahead to register  my domain, UdegbunamChuks.com for 3 years.

As a security feature, you can setup your Name Cheap account to request for a token each time to try to log in. This token is sent to the phone number you registered while signing up for an account with them.

If you’re interested, click here to get your personalised domain name from Name Cheap.

P.S: I also noticed that they offer affordable shared Web Hosting for just $47.80 a year, so if you’re also looking to setup a website as well, you can check out their web hosting offers while you’re there registering a domain name.

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