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For The Geeks and Wannabes: Before You Buy That Tecno Phone

You ought to be living under a rock if you haven’t heard of the latest smartphone rave in Nigeria. I’m talking about the Tecno Phantom also known as Tecno F7 or A1 in some quarters. Touted as a stunning cheaper version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 (abi na S4), the …

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Six Good Ol’ BlackBerry Features That I Miss On BlackBerry Z10

Like the average geek out there, I look forward to each operating system update that comes out for my mobile phone or tablet ‘cause it promises better performance or/and new features. Unfortunately in some cases, important features are stripped away, that leave me wondering if I should have updated/upgraded the …

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Why I Choose Dual SIM Phones Over Mobile Number Portability

Rumors have it that Mobile Number Portability is coming our way here in Nigeria on April 4th, 2013. Breaking: Number Portability Postponed? [Update: Confirmed, New date set]

In a nutshell, Mobile number portability (MNP) enables mobile telephone users to retain their mobile telephone numbers when changing from one mobile network operator …

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Rant: Ooops! BlackBerry Has Done It Again. Royal F**kup?!

The much anticipated launch of BlackBerry 10 has come and gone but not without leaving a very bitter taste in my mouth.
BlackBerry 10 will NOT offer full BIS support
BlackBerry’s excuse is that the default browser was made so rich to the extent that it’s pretty much a data guzzler!
Applying data …

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