How To Fix My Fitness Pal Installation Error On Xiaomi Devices

MyFitnessPal seems to have phased out support on some Xiaomi devices including the 2019 Mi Note 10 Pro which is currently running Android 11.

If you’ve been unable to install or update the MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter app on Google Play Store on your Xiaomi phone or possibly tablet, here’s how to go about it.

WARNING: This update changes the MyFitnessPal user interface and blocks the barcode scanner for free users. This means you will lose the barcode scanner function unless you upgrade to a paid plan.


If you have a Xiaomi Device, here’s how to fix that My Fitness Pal app error that goes; The app isn’t compatible with your device anymore. Contact the developers for more info.

Go to Settings; Additional Settings and set Region to India

Go your App Drawer and launch GetApps

Search for My Fitness Pal and run the update.

You’re now running the latest version of My Fitness Pal with brand new interface


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