Davinci Resolve H265 Export Render Job Failed Fix

Have you been getting this error in the free version of Davinci Resolve “Render job failed as the current clip could not be processed. Cannot find appropriate codec for encoding the video frame“? If you’ve ever tried exporting a Davinci Resolve project in H265 format and gotten this error, here’s how I think mine got fixed. Hopefully it works for you too.

Full video at the end (watch in 1080p for full clarity. YouTube over compressed the video)

This quick guide is for laptops with an NVIDIA GeForce Graphic Card.

Step 1: Make sure you have HEVC codecs for windows installed. Link down below. This will cost you 99 cents. https://apps.microsoft.com/store/detail/hevc-video-extensions/9NMZLZ57R3T7

Step 2: Make sure you have GeForce Experience app installed on your PC. Link down below.

Run the app, go the drivers tab and make sure your GeForce driver is updated. I can’t remember if this driver came preinstalled on my system though. I’ve been using the Game Ready Driver till date.


Reboot your system afterwards.

Step 3: Run GeForce Experience and make sure Davinci Resolve appears in the Home tab automatically. If doesn’t just, just run a scan.

Next we are going to make sure that Davinci Resolve is fully optimized to run on the dedicated GPU using the installed driver. If yours is optimized, it will show a green tick at the top left corner.

If it’s not optimized, click on details and then click on optimize. I’m optimizing VLC player instead in this video since my Davinci Resolve is already optimized.

If all runs well, it should look like this.

That’s all. Reboot your system and try exporting to H265 again… hopefully it works now.

If it works, here are what my 4k export settings for H265 look like….just in case you’re wondering.

Take care guys, bye.


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