How To Fix Converter For Media Not Working With Cloudflare

Webp format is the rage now for images on the web as it guarantees faster loading times due to small file sizes. Recently I deployed the Converter for Media – Optimize images | Convert WebP & AVIF – WordPress plugin | on my site but sadly this error appeared:

Server configuration error
It appears that your server uses the cache for HTTP requests. The rules from the .htaccess file or from the Nginx configuration are not executed every time when an image is loaded, but the last redirect from cache is performed.

Error codes: rewrites_cached

Converter For Media WordPress Server Error


I use a free Cloudflare account on this site so to fix this issue I had to ask Cloudflare to stop caching my images specifically the .jpeg, .jpg and .png extensions.

Doing this is simple. Login to Cloudflare >> Cache Rules and Create a rule.


How To Fix Converter for Media Server Error on Cloudflare Hosted Site


Set everything as shown below and deploy it.


Cloudflare Do Not Cache Images for WordPress


Go back to the Converter for Media dashboard, click on CDN Settings and fill out your Cloudflare Zone ID and API Token. Detailed instructions for this can be found here; Configure Cloudflare Caching to use with the Converter for Media plugin.


Converter For Media Cloudflare CDN Settings


Purge everything in Cloudflare and clear your WordPress cache (if you use a WordPress cache plugin or server cache system). The error should be gone now, and you should be able to convert even pre-existing images on the site.


Converter For Media WebP Conversion Complete


Hope this helps, Bye.

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