PRAG 15KVA Relay Voltage Stabilizer Review

Long time no product review and I have to say I feel quite rusty and lazy at this now but let’s try. If you’ve been thinking of getting a heavy capacity voltage stabilizer for your home, hopefully my experience using the PRAG 15KVA Relay Voltage Stabilizer will guide you.

I bought this in November 2022 because the voltage in my house wasn’t enough to charge my newly installed solar inverter-battery setup. My inverter dealer here in Sokoto helped make the arrangements from Lagos and in total I paid N245,000 (shipping and dealer’s commission included).

The current price due to exchange rate/inflation is N580,000; Buy 15KVA Wall Stabilizer Online In Nigeria | PRAG Wall Stabilizer.

Full Specifications

  • Model: TM45-15K
  • Input voltage: 45V-280V AC
  • Power: 15KVA
  • Technology: Relay Control + Toroidal Transformer System
  • Efficiency: > 97%
  • Display: LED Digital Display
  • Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
  • Delay Time: Short Delay (3-5 sec)
  • Over-voltage protection: AC246 ± 4V
  • High Temperature
  • Short Circuit
  • Output voltage: 220V ± 10%
  • Phase: Single
  • Dimension: 51 X 39.5 X 27
  • Weight: 27kg

Overall, this stabilizer does what a regular stabilizer is meant to do which is to auto regulate voltage so that home appliances can run at their optimal best.

Input voltage between 45V to 280V is outputted as 198V to 242V. If the voltage is your area is really bad, this is the stabilizer to buy but warning, there are some undisclosed issues. Issues that in my opinion ought to be displayed on the sales page to avoid unnecessary drama.

Low Load Capacity at Lowest Input Voltage

DO NOT buy this stabilizer, thinking that in the event of low voltage in your area, you will still be able to run all the air-conditioners, iron plates and other high-powered appliances in your home.

There’s a limit to how much load or stress you can put on the stabilizer based on the input voltage as shown in the graph below.

PRAG Stabilizer Overload Limit Per Input Voltage

This stabilizer can run at 100% load capacity only when the input voltage is at 198V and above. If the input voltage is 150V, you can only load it up to 50%.

At the minimum input voltage of 45V, the maximum load is 15% so be very aware when running high powered appliances or you risk damaging the stabilizer.

The LED screen on the stabilizer will show you how much load capacity is in use.

The brand only hints at these limitations in their warranty page or even that one is lacking; Stabilizer Warranty – PRAG

Fake Output Voltage

While the true voltage is clearly shown in the LED panel of this device, the output voltage isn’t.

It is fixed at 220V and never blinks. The output voltage could actually be 198V to 242V and the stabilizer’s LED panel would still be reading 220V.

Prag Stabilizer LED Screen

The only way to know the actual output voltage is via your solar inverter system or a wattmeter wall adapter.

It’s been over 15 months since I got this and no issues so far at all. I just love the device but HATE the brand’s poorly transparent marketing.

Below are images of the stabilizer and its’ instruction manual if that interests you.

Bye guys.

PRAG 15KVA Relay Voltage Stabilizer Pictures

PRAG TM-15KVA Stabilizer Review

PRAG TM-15KVA Stabilizer Review 2

PRAG Automatic Voltage Regulator Stabilizer

PRAG Automatic Voltage Regulator Stabilizer 3

PRAG Wall Mounted Heavy Duty Stabilizer

PRAG 15KVA Relay Voltage Stabilizer Instruction Manual

PRAG Stabilizer Instruction Manual 1

PRAG Stabilizer Instruction Manual 2

PRAG Stabilizer Instruction Manual 3

PRAG Stabilizer Instruction Manual 4

PRAG Stabilizer Instruction Manual 5

PRAG Stabilizer Instruction Manual 6

PRAG Stabilizer Instruction Manual 7

PRAG Stabilizer Instruction Manual 8

PRAG Stabilizer Instruction Manual 9

PRAG Stabilizer Instruction Manual 10

PRAG Stabilizer Instruction Manual 11



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