Sponsored – Guest Posts Requirements


We’ve been getting emails requesting for guest posts and sponsored posts placements so we’ve decided to reconsider and open it up once again. Any one seeking information about submitting articles to the site, should kindly refer to this post as we would not be rehashing the same details via email.

Here are the requirements for guest posting here

  1. Posts must NOT BE LESS THAN 500 WORDS
  2. Posts MUST BE UNIQUE and must not appear anywhere else online.
  3. All sources, quotes, etc used in your post MUST be properly credited.
  4. You can link to articles on your site as long as they are RELEVANT to your guest post.
  5. All links WILL NOT carry do-follow.

Please submit your posts/images as attachments to ****************.

We shall get back at you within 24 hours with info as to whether your contribution is acceptable or not.

Thanks in advance for your contribution to the growth of this site.

P.S: From time to time we accept apps/devices/services for review. Such reviews will be completely unbiased with ONE do-follow link. If you’re interested in us reviewing your services, please shoot us an email to see if you’re eligible. Thanks.

WARNING!: Emails requesting for more than what has been stipulated above WILL NOT be replied. Please stick to the points above to avoid wasting your time or ours. Thank you so much.