Six Good Ol’ BlackBerry Features That I Miss On BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry Z10 Missing Features

Like the average geek out there, I look forward to each operating system update that comes out for my mobile phone or tablet ‘cause it promises better performance or/and new features. Unfortunately in some cases, important features are stripped away, that leave me wondering if I should have updated/upgraded the device or just left it the way it was. The BlackBerry Z10 has me feeling so at the moment.

It’s a wonderful OS with new innovative features yet to be seen on any other mobile device but I’m missing quite a number of features I was accustomed to while using the BlackBerry 7 OS on the BlackBerry Bold 5


  1. No direct access to Mobile Network, NFC and Mobile Hotspot from the notification bar: enabling and disabling these features means a trip into the settings menu and it’s pretty annoying. Productivity should be all about having quick access to features and not time wasting efforts looking for where the features are located.
  2. Notifications can only be switched between silent and normal  mode from the notification bar drawer: if you need to switch to a notification type other than these two, you have to navigate the settings section.
  3. BBM Groups cannot be silenced: yet another crazy ish! You can no longer have pings notification enabled and group message notifications silenced. You either silence both or leave both active.
  4. BBM Group pictures and comments do not appear in the Hub: unless a friend notifies you of having posted a pic to the group, you’re on a long thing. I woke up one morning to casually stumble on a two day pic with comments.
  5. BBM chats can be saved but they are automatically loaded once you start a new conversation with a friend: seriously ain’t nobody got time to be scrolling through old chat entries. I’d rather have the option to load them if I have any reason whatsoever to want to go through them again.
  6. Classic ringtones have being replaced by boring ones and they are pretty sparse: blackberry 5, 6 and 7 had some cool ringtones which most of us are addicted to. Unfortunately they’ve all being stripped away and replaced by pretty boring versions. If you want the old ringtones back, please head over to CrackBerry now.

These are just the top issues I have experienced in the course of using the BlackBerry Z10 for a week. If you have any, do please share with us below.

P.S: Here’s some good news. Mobile Hotspot no longer requires a separate data bundle. Just activate and you are good to go on the MTN Nigeria network. APN remains and the username/password fields are left blank.

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