GTBank Nigeria Updates Domiciliary Account Charges

Looks like Central Bank of Nigeria is not done regulating how we spend dollars, pounds and euros in Nigeria. GTBank Nigeria has just sent out a circular with regards to what charges domiciliary account holders can expect when making transactions on their accounts. In the past GTBank has been quite […]

How To Get Your ASOS Shopping Delivered On Time In Nigeria

Shopping online on foreign websites has been a great way of getting stuff which are readily sold in Nigeria but whose quality cannot be guaranteed. *some merchants be selling chinko clones*. I've shopped with ASOS UK in the past when I was on vacation and the experience was wonderful thus […]

UPDATED: All About GTBank Nigeria's Dollar Debit MasterCard

This is an overview of GTBank Nigeria’s Dollar Debit MasterCard services. The exchange rate in Nigeria and most oil producing countries is a hot mess at the moment due to falling oil prices. These days I have to seriously weigh the necessity of an item before I hit the order button even […]

UPDATED: Fairly Used 64GB Wi-Fi BlackBerry Playbook Giveaway

Blackberry Playbook Tablet Giveaway


Last night I was looking round my room and my eyes fell on my BlackBerry Playbook which has been gathering dust for close to 10 months now. At that moment I decided it was time to let it go once and for all.

Considering the price I paid for it, I couldn't bring myself to sell for way less than that so I've decided to give it away to anyone who for some reason is interested in it.

My version is the Wi-Fi only version and it comes with a screen protector and standing carry case as shown in the picture above. The wall charger is broken so you have to buy one if you don't own one with a rating of at least 1.5Amps.  The device is still in excellent working condition as I hardly use it.

I recommend the Belkin Boost Up 12Watts-2.4Amps iPad Air & iPhone 5s Charger With Lightning Charge Sync Cable which I use to fast charge all my devices.


Rules and Regulations

  1. This offer is open to Nigerians only due to shipping issues.
  2. You MUST follow me on twitter and leave a comment on this post with your twitter account handle (@name) expressing your interest in the device
  3. Giveaway will run till the end of this month and the randomly selected winner will be announced on the 31st of October 2014
  4. I can only cover shipping via Nipost Registered Mail which is how I send out and receive gadgets most times. If you prefer to receive the tablet via other means, you'll have to cover the bill yourself.

That's all there is to it.

If you don't know what the playbook is all about, do please read my review of the device: BlackBerry PlayBook Review: Cheapest High Quality Budget 7 inch Tablet

If you're interested in a brand new Playbook with 32Gb of storage and  3G/4G/Wi-Fi connectivity, check out Jumia Nigeria's offer at N27,000.

Spread the word please. Thanks ;-)

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University Of Roehampton London Online Masters Program Now Enrolling

So during my short stay in London, I decided to check out schools where I could enrol for an online masters program and after considering various factors, tuition fee being the major one, I decided to settle on University Of Roehampton. One of my colleagues who is presently studying with them […]

8 Tips For Shopping On A Budget On Vacation In London UK

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This is for those of us that don’t have access to quite a load of cash to splurge on vacations. Lol

Don't be deceived by those costly items your friend just came in from London with. Though authentic, some of these items can be purchased at a lower price if you know how things work over there.

It's all about Sales. Summer sales, winter sales, Xmas sales etc. And not just any sale, online sales. The sales you'll see on offer in the shops are nothing compared to what's available online.

If you're travelling to London for vacation and plan on doing quite some shopping, I highly recommend you start shopping as soon as you enter the UK. This way you can be rest assured that your items will be delivered on time before your flight back to your country.


Shopping Tip 1

Pick a day and walk into the major stores to see what they have available. Your focus should be on testing out the clothes and shoes to get your actual size as clothing and foot wear sizes vary across the continents.

If you coincidentally stumble across something you want, you can just buy it and move on.

While you're out and about, take your time and window shop as you might just bump into something that's not readily available online.

For example while window shopping Boots, I stumbled on L'Oreal Men Expert Anti-Perspirant Deodorant, Thermal Resist going for £1 per 150ml canister while online and in other stores it was pegged at £2.49 RRP.


Shopping Tip 2

Once you have your clothing and shoe size, log in to the websites of brands you're interested in and start shopping. Below is a list of sites I shopped at.

  1. Amazon UK
  2. Argos
  3. Clarks UK
  4. The Perfume Shop
  5. ASOS
  6. Boots UK
  7. BooHoo
  8. The Officers Club
  9. House Of Fraser
  10. Next UK
  11. River Island
  12. John Lewis
  13. Shoe Zone
  14. Primark (Online shopping isn’t available here and you have to be wary when shopping here as some items aren’t built to last while others are)
  15. BHS
  16. Sports Direct
  17. H&M
  18. Marks and Spencer
  19. Asda

Once you're on the site, go straight to their Sales section and browse through what's available.

Don't be in a rush to hit the order button. Take your time and compare with what other sites are offering before making an actual purchase.

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Eurooms London Review

Planning for a trip to the UK, London to be specific, shouldn't really cost you an arm when it comes to accommodation. Hotel and Guest house accommodation can be quite expensive from £40 a night and not everyone is comfortable staying in a 6 person or more per room hostel for £15 a night.

A house share is the cheapest most comfortable accommodation to go for. Aside from being cheap, you don't have to pay extra for catering/laundry/wifi and the likes as the house comes fully equipped with a microwave, gas cooker, refrigerator freezer, hi-speed broadband, automatic washing machine and central heating.

As the name implies, you get to share the common areas/utilities in the house with other people renting rooms in the same house.

Unfortunately most landlords and agents are only looking for tenants who would stay put for at least 2-3 months.

Enter Eurooms

I stumbled on Eurooms via Google when I had practically exhausted all the options I had and my 3 weeks experience with them was blissful and I will most definitely be staying with them again when next I'm in London.

Booking a room is pretty simple. Just go to their website and look through the list of single or shared rooms they currently have up for rent.

The minimum rental duration is 1 week. The longer you stay, the less you pay.

You can book a room share (share the room with someone) or a small room all to yourself.

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