How To Transfer Funds Between Two GTBank Domiciliary Accounts

Transferring funds in between your GTBank accounts as well with other banks is pretty easy using the internet banking facility on PC and mobile app but today I came to realize that it’s not really straightforward when it comes to transferring foreign currency…..in my case transferring USDollars between two GTBank …

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My Uber Nigeria Review – Experience

So my leave is almost over as work resumes next week Monday and I’m so not anticipating getting back to work. “Gosh! Why dem no born me with golden spoon?”.

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😂😂😭😭😭😭 #GuiltyAsCharged
A post shared by Udegbunam Chuks (@udegbunamchuks) on Oct 18, …

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UPDATED! Mall For Africa Review: Shop US/UK Stores From Nigeria

After my nasty experience with ShippyMe (now Zaposta), I swore off shopping UK and US stores via Nigerian third party merchants. If there was any urgent shopping to be done, it had to be done via MyUs.com. About 3 weeks ago I got an email from PayPal urging me to …

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GTBank Nigeria Updates Domiciliary Account Charges

Looks like Central Bank of Nigeria is not done regulating how we spend dollars, pounds and euros in Nigeria. GTBank Nigeria has just sent out a circular with regards to what charges domiciliary account holders can expect when making transactions on their accounts.
In the past GTBank has been quite unpredictable …

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How To Get Your ASOS Shopping Delivered On Time In Nigeria

Shopping online on foreign websites has been a great way of getting stuff which are readily sold in Nigeria but whose quality cannot be guaranteed. *some merchants be selling chinko clones*. I’ve shopped with ASOS UK in the past when I was on vacation and the experience was wonderful thus …

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UPDATED: All About GTBank Nigeria’s Dollar Debit MasterCard

This is an overview of GTBank Nigeria’s Dollar Debit MasterCard services. The exchange rate in Nigeria and most oil producing countries is a hot mess at the moment due to falling oil prices. These days I have to seriously weigh the necessity of an item before I hit the order button even …

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UPDATED: Fairly Used 64GB Wi-Fi BlackBerry Playbook Giveaway

Last night I was looking round my room and my eyes fell on my BlackBerry Playbook which has been gathering dust for close to 10 months now. At that moment I decided it was time to let it go once and for all.
Considering the price I paid for it, I couldn’t …

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University Of Roehampton London Online Masters Program Now Enrolling

So during my short stay in London, I decided to check out schools where I could enrol for an online masters program and after considering various factors, tuition fee being the major one, I decided to settle on University Of Roehampton.
One of my colleagues who is presently studying with them had …

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8 Tips For Shopping On A Budget On Vacation In London UK

This is for those of us that don’t have access to quite a load of cash to splurge on vacations. Lol
Don’t be deceived by those costly items your friend just came in from London with. Though authentic, some of these items can be purchased at a lower price if you know …

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