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Eurooms London Review

Planning for a trip to the UK, London to be specific, shouldn’t really cost you an arm when it comes to accommodation. Hotel and Guest house accommodation can be quite expensive from £40 a night and not everyone is comfortable staying in a 6 person or more per room hostel for £15 a night.

A house share is the cheapest most comfortable accommodation to go for. Aside from being cheap, you don’t have to pay extra for catering/laundry/wifi and the likes as the house comes fully equipped with a microwave, gas cooker, refrigerator freezer, hi-speed broadband, automatic washing machine and central heating.

As the name implies, you get to share the common areas/utilities in the house with other people renting rooms in the same house.

Unfortunately most landlords and agents are only looking for tenants who would stay put for at least 2-3 months.

Enter Eurooms

I stumbled on Eurooms via Google when I had practically exhausted all the options I had and my 3 weeks experience with them was blissful and I will most definitely be staying with them again when next I’m in London.

Booking a room is pretty simple. Just go to their website and look through the list of single or shared rooms they currently have up for rent.

The minimum rental duration is 1 week. The longer you stay, the less you pay.

You can book a room share (share the room with someone) or a small room all to yourself.

Once you’ve found the room of your choice, proceed to making a booking and make use of their check-in calculator to see exactly how much your stay would cost you depending of course on how long you plan on staying.

Once the booking is made. You’ll receive an email from them asking you to expect further instructions from them on how to make the £100 non-refundable deposit.

In my case I never heard from them again probably cause I made the booking over the weekend but by Monday morning after series of emails/tweet, I got a call from one of their agents (Casper) who was very nice enough to direct me on how to make payment quickly via PayPal

Should in case, you don’t hear from them after booking and sending emails, here’s the payment link: You can also call them to verify the booking before making payment.

Once payment is made, you will get a confirmation email from them with details on how to get to their office etc as well as your invoice.

NOTE: Make sure to print out this email/invoice or have it saved on your phone for when you arrive at the airport and immigration start asking questions about where you’ll be lodging for the duration of your stay.

Thanks to Casper (he was mighty patient in giving me directions when I arrived London) I was able to find my way to their office in Walthamstow and pick up my keys in the security box right outside their office.

I got to the house share only to discover that there was some mixup with the £86 room share I had booked. After a few calls, one of the guys on standby for emergencies came around and offered me one of the vacant single rooms to stay in for the night so that the next day we could iron things out at their office when I came to make full payment for my stay.

Next morning, I went to their office and after apologies for the mix up, I was amazingly offered the room in which I had stayed the night for £100/week which was £14 higher than what I had budgeted for but was £26 less than the offering price. I quickly took the offer as it meant I wouldn’t have to share a room with anyone. Besides I was already comfortable with the guys in the house as most of them spoke Spanish / English and were quite friendly thus moving to another house was just going to be stressful in my opinion.

As further compensation for the mix up, I was only asked to pay the security deposit thus I had more available cash to spend ;)

I had the best three weeks £300 could buy staying in the house. Unfortunately I didn’t take pics of my room as this review wasn’t planned

One other thing I find awesome with Eurooms service is that with early prior notice, you can arrange to have your security deposit paid back in cash on the day you’re checking out after 12 noon.

Checkout is by 9am. In my case because I had a 10pm flight, I was allowed to stay up till 12 noon after which I had to vacate the room for the cleaner to prep the room for the next visitor. I hung around in the kitchen until 3pm when I dropped by their office to pick up my security deposit and headed straight to the airport.

In summary I had a great 3 week vacation without spending much on lodging thanks to Eurooms. Give them a try today.

Hopefully if I do find the time, I’ll be writing on how to spend less feeding and shopping in London ;)

P.S: Check out Trip Advisor for other opinions on Eurooms service

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