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The Lenovo P8 has been giving me cause for worry for weeks now (the battery drains considerably even when switched off) and so I started researching a replacement tablet and finally settled for the Rose Gold 128GB version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2019. I was tempted to go for the Apple iPad but I couldn’t get past the lack of SD card support, the locked down system as well as those thick bezels and of course the price tag.

While doing my research and waiting for my pay check to come through, Amazon US suddenly started giving away huge discount coupons on the Samsung tablet and I just had to take advantage of it. Unfortunately Mall for Africa and DHL Africa eShop do not support use of such coupons at the moment.

This is what the Amazon coupon offer looks like though they’ve reduced it to $58 from $70.


Amazon Global Store Coupon


While DHL Africa eShop was charging $403, Amazon Global Store charged me $298. A whooping $100 in savings.


DHL Africa eShop Amazon Total Amazon Order Total


Now unto the actual shopping experience part. It’s a bit crazy in that you have to look out for goods that say “This item ships to Nigeria” as shown below.


Amazon Ships To Nigeria


Once you’ve found your items and you are ready to check out, another important step is choosing what kind of shipping you want to use. Amazon Global offers Expedited Shipping and Priority Shipping and as you can see from the screenshot below, Priority shipping is faster but expensive.


Amazon Global Store Expedited & Priority Shipping


For this first experience I went with Expedited Shipping. I placed my order September 8th 2019 and it shipped on the 11th of September 2019 and was delivered to my doorstep on the 16th of September 2019. That’s like a week later I got my tablet and it was delivered via DHL Express.

So guys for now just stick with the Expedited option and save some money.


Amazon Order Has Shipped Amazon Order Has Shipped 2


Four final tips before I round this one up.

  1. Always checkout in US dollars or UK Pounds Sterling as the case may be. Do not take the pay in Naira option if it’s offered to you during checkout. Nigerian Banks no longer support foreign online payments in Naira. Stick to the currency of your store’s location.
  2. Amazon Global debits $1 from your debit card as a form of authorization before actually debiting the total cost of your order so please make sure you have a little excess in your account so the transaction doesn’t fail. Not to worry, the $1 is refunded later on after like 2 weeks or so. I just checked my account balance and the money has been refunded.
  3. Make sure the name on the debit card you’ll be using to make payment matches the name on your Amazon account to avoid triggering Amazon’s 419 filters. (I got this tip from a friend)
  4. You need an International Passport or National Identity Number. You don’t have to upload it when asked. You just need to input the numbers and you’re good to go. In my case, I used National Identity Number.

WARNING: Amazon Global Store doesn’t support replacements. They only do return and refunds within 30 days of having received your order. You get a full refund based on certain criteria. Please read Amazon Global Store Return Policy.

That’s all folks. Happy shopping with Amazon Global direct to Nigeria. I look forward to shopping more deals with them IF DHL Africa eShop doesn’t find a way of making users take advantage of discount coupons.

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