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Awesome: Glo Nigeria Increases Data Allowance on BlackBerry 10 Data Plans


The major evil in migrating from legacy blackberry devices to the new BlackBerry 10 devices is the outrageous data allowances offered by the networks. In the beginning they allowed we the wise ones to continue rocking the old blackberry data plans on the BB10 platform but lately they've shut it ...

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BlackBerry 10 Data Plans For MTN, Glo, Etisalat & Airtel Nigeria


BlackBerry’s flagship device, the Z10, has been on the market for over a month now but due to the asking price (N100,000 - N130,000), lack of data compression and the *funny* data caps being offered by the major networks, I’m yet to get one. Besides I hear before the year ...

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BlackBerry Protect Now Works On BlackBerry Complete Plans In Nigeria


Many months ago when BlackBerry complete plans were unleashed on us, they made blackberry internet access even more affordable to the average user but with a few minuses in tow. Multiple personal emails and BlackBerry protect weren’t supported at all. To get these features you had to subscribe for the ...

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Airtel Nigeria Now Offers The Cheapest and Most Cost Effective Mobile Data Plan


Everyone who owns a feature phone with internet access in Nigeria now knows that the cheapest data plan you can get goes for N1,000 with a minimum data cap of 200MB depending on the network. Same applies to those who own non-blackberry smartphones.
For those of us with BlackBerry phones, N1,400 ...

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MTN BlackBerry Complete Plans Subsription Codes


UPDATE: So I was having issues with all the networks in my area thus I decided to try out MTN's BlackBerry Plan and I can now confirm that the 200MB data cap doesn't exist any more as I've done close to 1GB in downloads already and the speed is quite ...

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Etisalat Nigeria BlackBerry Complete, Voice & Social Plans


Rumors have it that BlackBerry subscribers in Nigeria are set to pass the 1 million mark and Etisalat Nigeria has awoken from its slumber and further widened its range of BlackBerry services with the launch of the BlackBerry Complete Plan and BlackBerry Voice Plan.
Following the recent erratic nature of the ...

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Glo BlackBerry Social and Complete Internet Plan For N1,400


Globacom Nigeria has just shot down the price of BlackBerry Internet Service in Nigeria by releasing a new package which reduces the monthly BIS access fee to an affordable N1,400 ONLY.
Yep! You heard it right. Glo BlackBerry Internet Service is now N1,400 and for this price you get the following ...

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11 BlackBerry Internet Subscription Codes for Nigeria

Airtel Nigeria Social and Messaging BlackBerry Internet Service Plans

A few years ago when BlackBerry internet services were introduced in Nigeria, the costs of both the device and the subscription packages were absolutely ridiculous and it immediately became some sort of a status icon for the people.
Well with the launch of Glo Nigeria's GLO-1 undersea cable, internet services in ...

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