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BlackBerry Protect Now Works On BlackBerry Complete Plans In Nigeria

Many months ago when BlackBerry complete plans were unleashed on us, they made blackberry internet access even more affordable to the average user but with a few minuses in tow. Multiple personal emails and BlackBerry protect weren’t supported at all. To get these features you had to subscribe for the …

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Securing The Allegedly Secure BlackBerry Smartphone

Image Credit: Reuters
The BlackBerry brand has been synonymous with data security for years now even beating top financially viable platforms such as the iOS and Android. Recently I started getting curious as to how the whole security thing works on the BlackBerry platform and I must say that I was …

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RIM BlackBerry Needs To Pay More Attention To Africa

With a $125 million loss in sales for the 4th quarter of 2011 and Apple’s iPhone beating it hands down in its home country of Canada, Research In Motion is undeniably facing tough times.
Unfortunately they are slow in waking up from their slumber and focusing on markets where the demand …

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How To Monitor How Much Data Your BlackBerry Consumes

In this part of the world, the blackberry internet service is the cheapest form of internet access available for just N1,500 ($9 USD) a month with unlimited data if you are on the Etisalat Nigeria BlackBerry Complete plan and 3GB of data for those on Glo BlackBerry Complete.
Those of you …

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How I spend N2,500 ($15) monthly on Unlimited Internet Access

A few years back internet services in Nigeria were pretty expensive and widely limited to the cybercafés and post offices but as time went by and the GSM operators introduced us to the world of mobile telecommunications, internet availability came to expand and at the same time, the price began …

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MTN BlackBerry Complete Plans Subsription Codes

UPDATE: So I was having issues with all the networks in my area thus I decided to try out MTN’s BlackBerry Plan and I can now confirm that the 200MB data cap doesn’t exist any more as I’ve done close to 1GB in downloads already and the speed is quite …

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