How To Schedule SMS In MIUI 12 With Messages For Android

With the move to MIUI 12, Xiaomi has removed the default MIUI messaging app on most of its’ phones and has replaced it with Messages by Google app. Though it would seem that features like scheduling text messages to be sent a particular time and date are no more, this isn’t the case.

Just as the Phone by Google app now supports call recording, the Messages by Google app now supports sending scheduled messages too.

These messages can be deleted or updated if you change your mind BEFORE the timer goes off and the message is sent.

Check out the 18 seconds guide below. Cheers

Video Transcript

If you use the Messages app by Google, here’s how to schedule SMS

Type out the text then long press the send button.

Set the time and date, the message will be sent.

Press send and the message will be scheduled and sent when it’s time

You can edit the message if you change your mind later before it’s sent out

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