How To Create/Edit Square Videos In iMovie for macOS

If you are looking to create square videos for Youtube shorts, Facebook or Instagram using a free software like iMovie for macOS, this video will show you how possible it is and what free alternatives are out there.


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Video Transcript

Open a new keynote presentation.

Go to document and change the Slide Size to Custom Slide Size. Set it to 1080 by 1080p.

Drag the video you wish to edit into keynote and adjust it as you wish to fit into the square.

Personally I move it around till it lands perfectly in the centre of the square.

You can add text to the black portions of the video if you wish.

When you’re done, export the presentation as a movie. Set go to next slide after to 0 seconds. You can leave resolution as 1080p. Save the video.

Open the new square video in QuickTime to preview it. It should be a 1080p by 1080p square video.

The quality of the video will be lower than the original though.

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