How To Run A Battery Life Test For Android Phones and Tablets

Battery Life remains one of the major factors to consider when purchasing a mobile device and that’s why top tech sites such as GSM Arena dedicate a good portion of their reviews to it. The calibration methods employed by GSM Arena seems to widely accepted by other tech blogs thus the reason why I’ve adopted it in a few reviews of mine.

For tech bloggers who review Android smartphones, here’s how you can run your video playback and web browsing battery stress tests a la GSM Arena

NOTE: All tests are to be done with batteries charged to their full 100% capacity.

Android Battery Life Tests

How To Run A Video Playback Battery Life Test

For this you’ll be needing the following android apps: MX Player, Dolphin Browser with the Settings Switcher add-on, a standard Xvid (avi) file preferably HD 720p and a nice pair of earphones

  1. Set your device to Airplane mode
  2. Reduce the screen brightness to 50% via Settings Switcher which can be found in the app tray
  3. Make sure no unnecessary third party app is running in the background/notification tray
  4. Open MX Player, go to Settings >> Player >> Screen and make sure the Brightness control feature is not ticked. This way you are rest assured that your video will play at the actual 50% screen brightness set before.
  5. Start playing your video, then long press on the Next button to reveal a popup that allows you to Loop the video. Tick Loop one
  6. Plug in your earphones and set to a comfortable volume and start timing your video.
  7. Stop video playback at 10% of battery life and calculate time spent *watching* your looped video


How To Run A Web Browsing Battery Life Test

Dolphin Browser offers the coolest browsing experience on Android IMO so we’ll be running this test with it. Also download the addon Dolphin Tab Reload and Wakey.

  1. Turn off all internet connections except Wi-Fi
  2. Launch Wakey, hit the bulb to set the screen to permanently on.
  3. Launch Dolphin Browser, go to Tab Reload and set it to reload every 15 seconds.
  4. Connect to the Wi-Fi network, load a page of your choice and leave the device close to the router for stronger signals
  5. Start count down and stop when battery hits 10%

That’s all guys. Happy battery testing geeks Open-mouthed smile

Inspired by GSM Arena

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